Difference: Facia shake up & Myofascial release


“The Facia shake up and wake up”


“The myofascial release and anointing”:

What’s the difference?

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Welcome back!

The Myofascial Release and Anointing has this extra:

And what is that exactly?


But also the Myofascial RELEASE is a technique in itself:

And so…

Whereas the Fascia Shake up:

My personal explanation:

Fascia can either be tight, twisted, entangled or weak and super stretched apart.

Both things arent good.

The first one would literally block the flow of blood therefore nutrients but also can trapped dangerous clots, and the Lymph. Fascia is everywhere, tissues, between muscles and bones, covering organs etc. Its crucial for the well functioning between all the systems in the body. So you can imagine how having it all glued and twisted can be detrimental for the health.

The opposite is as bad not just for aesthetic reasons, thats how you look all flaccid, with cellulite, but when its all lose it means also muscles are lose, and for instant around the Pelvis Floor if that happens, then youd porbably suffer of incontinence, have issues with bowel movements, sexual function, child birth etc as well as lack of a good posture, breathing properly, basically its essential for proper functional integration all over the body.

So one helps one issue and the other one the other issue :sweat_smile:


Great Explanation LunaMoon…many Thanks :raised_hands:

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One releases the fascia and the other shakes it up?! I am not joking this is what I understand…

So if you shake it up it cures cellulite and if you only release it it doesn’t?

Is fascia in places where the muscle isn’t (myofascial)?

Thanks for all the help and sorry for the many questions but you look knowledgeable :slight_smile:

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Yes its like 2 layers that are intrinsically connected and one affects the other.
“Shakes it up” its a way to say it disentangles it.

It doesnt cure cellulite. It helps because the fat would spread out evenly, cellulites are mad from the spaces the fat creates when the fascia is not even.

If you release it it helps too of course

Its just different methods and one focuses more on one layer, the other on the other layer but what happens in one of them affects the other for good or bad.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply. I gotta be honest I am still confused but the best way to fix it is to get both. I have the myofascial and even forgot about it. I will focus on it and then get the other.

Hope this thread helps everybody with the same question. I will post more once I test them!!

Happy weekend Lunamoon!


For what is worth i have both and they are beautiful, and feel very different.

Enjoy them and ask away if you have more questions, me or anyone else here would help you, but take the time to read through both fields posts to gather more info