Discussion about Spirit Guides

Thread inspired by this field.


Who are they?

Are they parallel incarnations of yours?

Can you perceived them?

How do they communicate with you?

How have they helped you?

What are the rules of their inverventions?

Do they have physical incarnations themselves?

Did they had to finish the earth game themselves before they were allowed to become Spirit Guides?

Were they assigned to you by your Higher Self or did you choose them by yourself?

In what form, gender, race, look, dress do they show themselves to you?


Number 1 character trait required to become a Spirit Guide:




they come when needed, stay as much as needed, genderless perhaps (didnot ask them), dont need patience, because you are on your path they are on their own. no rules. i fathom they see timelines and intervene where needed. more or less not asigned by anyone. i fathom they have no contracts or such things. i dont think they come from Earth or where on Earth as people in the past. whether or not i fail or have success under their guidance is also up to me and my responsibility and awareness. subjective those energy came alittle higher, as from where Captain works. subjective feeling! they are not here to parent you and carry no parental responsibility for you.

they came to me when i couldnot hold on with my own resilience anymore and when i tryed to forgive for all the sh…t that happened to me up to this point with all my awareness.

at first i thought i went crazy. then i believed them.

they dont show so often after intial contact.

nice lexicon!


Your description sounds to me like you are rather describing Angels and not Spirit Guides…? Or where would you say is the difference?

By the way, Robert A. Monroe mentioned in his astral travel books that his Spirit Guides where parallel incarnations of his.

Also the questions arises, can Spirit Guide really understand the human experience and the human challenges without ever having made this exeperience themselves?

perhaps if we percieve that we werent allways human then it will simply mean those guides are family from a far sort of speak.

Universe doesnot begin and end with Earth.

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You can meet some of your guides if you do the later Waves of the Gateway Experience Tapes! I’ve read three of his books so I think we’re on the same page regarding his understandings of what a spirit guide is.

I don’t think that they necessarily need patience since they don’t perceive time the same way that we do. One year to them would just be like walking to a different room, or maybe even like scrolling through pictures on a phone, as opposed to waiting. They probably have a lot of compassion for us because they can see how limited we are in the 3D world. We’re like mice stuck in a maze and they are observing us from above, where they can see the whole maze.


hmm. in the past let us say arround 2012 i read all about him and also books and literature in same subject.

there the astral and everything is stratified.

there are levels.

the theory of higher Selves, further exploited in the Matrix book series, says there are different incarnations in this and other timelines with different spiritual developement.

the Author of those books speaks very poorly of lower incarnations him being the final? Incarnation.

the feeling i got from of all those sources of information are nothing close to what i have felt from Captains fields on same subject (example Higher Self, Alien etc), but more close in vibe with other sources telling the history of planet earth as a Colony of advanced alien civilisations and we (mainly our bodies) as a creation of those civilisations.

those sources claim that our bodies in latter time were then for most part being incarnated true Source energy/Spirit.
something the creators of the bodies couldnot forsee.

with this subject matter is all about feeling into the information and feeling whether one vies with it and there is truth in it for each person who has contact wiwth such info.

my observation of life and what happens in it also the known history sort of klicked well with the above.

and i believe to some exstent it is true.

i do believe there is a feminine Archetype Alien creature that protects us and loves us and gave us freedom from slavery in long gone past. but it is my choice to believe that for i have felt something may be true in it. because she made the air we breathe on this planet full of love no matter what. one should only be aware when one breathes in.

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like your post!

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Who are you talking about here? Monroe or the author of the Matrix books? Do you mean these books?

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the second


I don’t know whether to trust the information in the Matrix book series by Val Valerian. His approach and perspective sound really really crazy at times. Can you provide your opinion on these books?

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Have you tried the gateway tapes? What was your experience using them?

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well as every source it should be you gut that leads you.

i have read them for the information and it wasnot an easy read.

i dont cherish them in any way.

alot of fear alot of hate alot of negativity. lots of truths from certain point of view.

and almost certain not non -dual as he claims.

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I’ve only read big parts of the fifth book “Matrix V Gold – The Final Frontier”, which is also published by Val Valerian but is written by a different author than the books I to IV.
Have you read Matrix V as well?
If yes, what are your thoughts?

When I was reading Matrix V, I had very strong intuitive feelings and inner knowing of which parts of the material are kinda true and which parts are the author’s personal projections and unprocessed shadow.

PS: Thanks for sharing your perspective and experiences on the I to IV books.


Yeah, I’ve gone through all of the older waves (1-7) but I haven’t done all of the newest wave, 8, which came out about a year ago. It makes getting into the higher-level brain states a lot easier than the usual traditional meditation methods. I haven’t been able to astral project using it though, but that wasn’t my main goal. You can have experiences without astral projecting anyways. Hardest part is getting over your own fears when you start each new tape!

I’ve been able to meet some of my spirit guides and I met them early on in the tapes before the actual tape meant to do so. And experiencing the feelings and sensations of the different focus levels is a really cool experience. I would really love to go the Monroe Institute one day to do an in-person program!


Thanks for the clarification, yeah I got not-pleasant vibes from that book when someone mentioned it here a while back. Seems like the whole fear-mongering Prison Planet and Loosh misunderstanding kind of stuff.


Not to mention how he relates every female behaviour to “Orion DNA programming”. The amount of times he’s mentioned it makes you wonder what he has against women

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Thanks for your perspective. I’ll try it out too I guess when I have time

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before it i never read such material.

had to battle through

had also such hunches of what may be true and allways felt sorry fpr the author

i dont think i read the first four or i dont remember reading those now.

i lost interest sometime in 2013.

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