Do all sigils has any impact online

Do you think like confidence sigil for example. Do you think people online feel it too especially with the authority. This is an example. But I’m talking about the whole sigil in general. Do they have any impact online? Or it’s just in real life only


am guessing only in real life beacuse if that true then when u go on youtube u will feel a million differernt things.


we’re living in an era that you even can experience an smell online.
About the impact of sigils especially online, I think it depends on mindsets of the listeners.


Generally, yes. Energy of the sigil can be felt on a digital image.

But it also depends on the sigil. Some sigils you have to activate it first.
Others immediately give the energy.

And it also depends on the user’s mindset too.
There are people who believe that only physical stuff works and printed images or digital images don’t work. So the printed and digital sigils naturally don’t work for that specific person.


Yes, even if their not energy sensitive it’s still “felt” at subconscious level and propogated from there


So does it mean i can activate a sigil online no need to print?
I am talking about dragon golem.

That’s a servitor… Once you activate it, it’s with you until you choose to completely dismiss it…

People do not feel your confidence in the crudly physical plane either.

Confidence is not an isolated phenomenon, it’s an interactive one. Body language is an interaction.

If you’re not interacting online, then it won’t be felt, if you are, it will be. Simple Occam Razor stuff. Don’t complicate things.

Everything from your choice of name, to your posts, to your profile picture, is an extension of your energy signature/vibration/consciousness sphere … so these too, are interactive mediums you can leverage.

Channel the sigil’s energy and let it guide to which you should pick and what you should post.

All what confidence is, is resonance with integrity. Being genuine, truly genuine, is a huge flex.