Do you use audios to remove limiting beliefs and does it work on other things?

Today I started listenuing to audios to remove limiting beliefs. I noticed an effect and that was that I was being more analytical about things. I even started using imagination therapy which I’ve never heard anyone do. I was stressed for some personal reasons and to cope I imagined that I was the creator from sapien medicine, binaural nutrition and quadible integrity and that I had traveled back in time with no memories of having created those audios and I was here to help humanity and all the sentient creatures. I knew fully that it wasn’t true of course. I knew my imagination was bullshit, but this imagination therapy thing that I did seemed to work well. I’ve never used this imagination therapy before so it was probably the audio I listened to.


Interesting. I am curious. Which audios have you been listening to?

In a day I listen to Sapien Medicine’s Superhuman Genius, Brain Regeneration, Permanent Brain Enhancement, Adhd, Enhanced Hemisphere Connectivity and the creativity one sometimes. From Quadible Integrity I listen to NZT and Boost Astrocytes mainly, but sometimes I Iisten to hemisphere synchronication too and recently I started listening to the audio for enhanced nutrient absorption and the limiting belief purger series that takes months to go trough.

If I get tired I listen to asmr zeitgeist or a video by next iteration sound called a morphic mushroom elixir.

From Binaural Nutrition I listen to MM-EF5, NZT, Dopamine Upregulation, IQ grey matter and I recently also started listening to the anti mind control. I also recently got the idea that boostig testosterone and hgh a little bit would make the brain grow faster.

I listen to Ninad Music binaural beats for brain healing. I am not sure if it works, but they are incredible binaural beats and they feel good and get me high. I also occasionally listen to 1989 sound wave journeys and some of the stuff from hidden potential.

I also listen to other recreational binaural beats.