Does height booster v2.0 close growth plate

Can i use height booster v 2.0 even if im 15?!? Will it close growth plate?? Because some people said be careful using it and just grow normally… so height booster v2.0 close growth plate??

it does not close the growth plate. It however, won’t work if you’re growth plates are already closed. I highly doubt that because you are 15, so you are still growing.


Yep. My growth plate is pretty much open. Thanks for the reply man

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What about if the plates are closed? Could Human growth hormone 2.0 help reopen them?

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I believe the answer will be no.

That sucks for short guys :frowning:

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I know of a morphic field that can help reopen them.

This is a field from a new channel i found out about. In the description, he states that he uses hydrostatic pressure via lateral compression to reopen the growth plates all whilst activating the stem cells to help you grow taller. When i first used it last week, it felt very strong.


Are you sure it’s safe?

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I think so. I mean, the creator of it put a detailed explanation of what the audio does and also says that you should not overuse the audio because it needs to integrate into your aura. I asked him once to make a morphic field that makes us need less sleep. Kinda similar to the one that sapien made. He said he will make it soon, so if you are skeptical about his channel, you can listen to that audio when he uploads it.

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But we should be careful playing with our aura…? Morphic fields shouldn’t work like that ain’t it? Or… he’s just saying it to sound cool? Well idk lol

Morphic fields effect your aura. That is why sapien says that the longer you listen to a field or wear a tag, the stronger the effects become.

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Oh ok thx for replying

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I am still skeptical about this channel though. This is why i asked the creator of it to make a field for less sleep. That way we can immediately know if his work is legit or not.

How do you make morphic field???

I am not sure. Not many people know how to make morphic fields.

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Really? The website said
"This happens during such experiences because people enter deep mental states (delta/epsilon) that grant them a conscious connection to this collective consciousness. This collective consciousness is a sea of informational energy that can be tapped into. It is just a matter of being able to remain conscious in deep mental states like delta/epsilon and understand the language of the subconscious mind.

With the ability to mentally tap into any informational energy in the universe, you can tap into any field such as the field that produces testosterone or someone’s energy field to determine how they feel at that moment. You can even tap into the informational field of a random rock in the beach"

Can we speak privately? @lol

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sure just message me privately.

No it does not fuse the plates,


you will grow taller with all of @Dreamweaver Releases.


I have a couple questions.

When it means it works on the growth plates does it work on all growth plates like in hands, arms, spine, etc.?

It stimulates the activation of chondrocytes, so I’m wondering does height booster help to regenerate cartilage?