Dragon Viscera (Private)

A draconic transformation (upgrade) of the organs, inclusive of perfect restoration of condition and function, taking into consideration and tailored to the human health, biology and structure for users to become a dragon in human skin.

1: The Primary

A: Dragon’s Heart

B: Dragon’s Lungs

C: Dragon’s Mind/Brain (Based on the template of ancient dragons possessing beyond human intelligence and to facilitate mind and body harmony)

2: The Secondary

A: Dragon’s Liver

B: Dragon’s Kidneys

C: Dragon’s Gastrointestinal Organs (Stomach & Intestines)

3: The Tertiary

A: Dragon’s Reproductive Organs (Enhancement geared towards each gender’s reproductive advantage and desire)

B: Dragon’s Eyes (Perfect eye health and visual acuity, additionally activates primal submissive instincts in others with eye contact)

C: Dragon’s “Scales” (Molecular/Atomic re-organization of the skin and its layers to remove all surface imperfections such as scars and increase skin durability/health)

Audio + Mandala


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