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Brodmann area - Wikipedia

According to this Wikipedia article there are 52 areas of the cerebral cortex. That means that each of those 52 areas can be improved in it’s function. That alone sounds extremely significant, but it gets even better than that. Since the brain is interconnected it means that one of those areas can connect to the other 51 areas. 52 times 52 is 2704 and that is 2704 ways these areas can connect with each other in the cerebral cortex.

With these brain fields one can not only improve each of those 52 areas as well as the stuff that isn’t the cerebral cortex, one can also connect them all to each other more efficiently. 2704 ways each part can improve in it’s connection to the other parts is a large amount. This realization makes me more hopeful about the future and my use of these brain fields, especially the wiring fields.

I do realize that I am not a neurologist, but I found a way for it to make some kind of sense to me. I also found a way to increase my motivation in listening to the brain fields.

There are so many things that can be enhanced including the enhancement of different types of cells, white matter, grey matter, the blood flow and the brain hemisphere synchronization.


Maybe Jojo will have the time to explain the whole circuitry thingy


Holy shit! Does wiring fields strengthen old neural circuits? Does it activate old citcuits from before one knew about fields?

I am in a bad mood today. I am experiencing slight melancholia. The source of this melancholia is the reflection of my life. A lot of things in my life seems like a waste and I am not excagerrating. I was hyped about the strengthening of old circuits thing, but I don’t know if it is true. I did hypothesize it and I don’t have any evidence about it.

The audio has changed me slightly, but it is not that noticable. I am aware that I just started the new journey with the nextgen fields and that it is foolish to expect great changes in that short time. I am hoping to get some more intelligence gains soon, but I am expecting that it might take a long time.

When writing this it feels like I am making fewer errors in my spelling. I’ve gone back and corrected my spelling many times since I joined this forum. It could be that I am just writing much more frequently and unfortunately as of now it is hard to attribute that improvement to the fields. I also started noticing that I might be too vague in my language, but that was never too big of a problem. I can be way more precice in my words.

Being inside like ones room, a mall or a store feels much more natural. I used to have brainfog much more when I was inside rather than outside. I guess my brain responded differently to sunlight and open spaces.

I have to find out when I joined here so I can find out how long I’ve looped audios. I recovered a lot from the melancholia when writing this text.

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I tought about the numerous ways one can gauge if one has gotten smarter. One can notice if there is any positive signs in ones consciousness like reduction of brainfog, clearer vision, increased auditory perception.
One can take cognition tests like iq tests.
One can observe abillities like enhanced thinking or being able to perform impressive feats.
Others can observe that one has gotten smarter.

I suppose there might be some subtle ways of noticing enhanced cognition. These things are not necessarily correlated, but during times I’ve gotten smarter I have noticed an enhanced emotional recovery. I guess if somoene started telling me I look different then it might be them picking up on some body language stuff.

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You joined Aug 30

I’m sure one of the long-established brain guilt members can help here.
@anon62086626 @Phi etc.


I see. Thanks about that, now I know when I started it. I amped up my listening time sometime after september 7.

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Use Ego Dissolution x 1, Outlook Retrainer x2-3 each time you feel like that, maybe add one more listen of Anti-Autism daily. If you perceive some real build-up of negative thoughts, play Internal Alchemical Crucible.


I don’t know if I’ve seen Phi discuss circuitry but maybe he can this time.

I’m a little busier at the moment.


of course everyone is welcomed to help @Obito out. :slight_smile:

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