Ego Diss +

Wait. What.

Let’s go with a metaphors.
You know curling ?

This field is like the energy propelling the stone and the broom clearing the path in front of it. It aligns everything with precision and then give a gentle but powerful enough kick to send it down the ice rink.

Now, it’s slightly different because the field will keep you in this state long enough for it to become natural and permanent.


I stacked it with Silient mind and Tegas alchemy and i had amazing spiritual experience.

The field puts me in a state of complete acceptance and forced me to surrender.


Sorry I wrote incorrectly. It was a question “does it have brain wiring too” considering your love for brainmania, I was just guessing you just might have :pray:

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It has a wiring effect but it doesn’t achieve it directly. Rather, it happens as a byproduct.

When the field weakens your ego and holds you in this state, your thought patterns and behaviour will change. So naturally you will use certain pathways less and reinforce new (ideally better) ones over time.

So instead of directly stimulating the creation/reinforcement of pathways, the field introduces a temporary supporting structure that the brain naturally rewires itself to over time.

At least this is how I understand it.





In a world where egos soar high,
Where pride can cloud the clearest sky,
Let me weave a humble verse,
To remind us all, for better or worse.

Humility, a gentle grace,
That transcends the boundaries we embrace,
It whispers softly in our ear,
A humbling reminder, crystal clear.

For in humility, we find our place,
A recognition of our cosmic trace,
No matter riches, power, or fame,
We’re mere fragments in life’s intricate game.

From mountains grand to oceans deep,
Nature’s wonders remind us, secrets to keep,
For every star in the midnight sky,
Each blade of grass, a lesson lies.

Behold the ant, toiling with might,
Though small, a symbol of humble sight,
Each grain it carries with devotion,
A humble servant, devoid of commotion.

Let not success inflate our pride,
For life’s tapestry is vast and wide,
A mosaic of souls, each with a role,
Wherein humility, true wisdom unfolds.

For when we shed our boastful cloak,
Our spirit soars, no longer broke,
With open hearts and minds, we learn,
That true strength lies in our concern.

So let us set aside our selfish plight,
And gaze upon our fellow’s light,
For in humility, we find our kin,
And embrace the beauty that lies within.

With humbled hearts, let’s lend a hand,
Extend compassion across the land,
Embrace the differences, let love prevail,
And in unity, let humanity sail.

For in humility, we discover grace,
A testament to our human race,
May this poem inspire, like a gentle breeze,
To nurture humility and bring us peace.


Hi, Eto


Yes, more so certain types



Yes :slight_smile:


This is one of the most important NFTs for my spiritual journey. I used it for 1 week, and i found my awareness has increased tremendously. I could finally see the noisy mind and could stop making further unnecessary thoughts. This is critical because i tend to follow into thoughts without knowing it, and hence, i felt tired the whole day because thinking uses up my energy.

However, my temper became unstable. I think it is due to my ego is fighting back.


try the acceptance fields.

it is not your ego fighting.

it is you fighting with the fallen limitations of your ego. one can feel very upset with all he/she didnot achieve because of his/her own personality.

mistakes should be accepted in order to move forward.

the self critic audio is a good option too.

good luck!


Generally you want to combine it with something that increases focus, simultaneous neuroplasticity and focus enhancement is what makes some ADHD medical treatments having their effects. Under the effect of such medication a person can perform a new task, learn whole new habits and also has little issue of doing it for long strides of time. The trick is to make a person start with this new task during such effects, same with other ways to achieve transformative changes in your ego I suppose, otherwise there is an anecdote of such treatment bestowing a capacity to watch worst tv-ads non-stop 24/7 just because a person becomes accustomed to it.

Combine with Alchemical Revision of Genius, ADD ADHD and generally everything that gives your “tunnel vision” feeling while keeping yourself capable of doing desired task to learn for the longest period of time possible. Sort of it doesn’t matter how do you manage to “ground” yourself in the “flow”, by naturally meditating, being very excited about the subject matter or putting a stone weight on your “neck” [not literally of course] that keeps your head forcefully in the “flow”, so that you can perform the longest amount of time in a flow state and thus break old patterns by learning new ones.


Thank you for the reply.
everyone, may you share your ego stack (under 5 tracks please)? Just to see what I can improve

My objective is to increase awareness and stop creating further thoughts after the first awared thought
(Could be like 60 or 70 thoughts after the first thought that was created due to karma and fate (因緣際會))

Ego diss + (nft)
Point of no return (gumroad)
Silent mind (nft)
Self-forgiveness and acceptance (psychic University at Patreon)

I had the opportunity to get this wonderful field, and this is another great decision I have made recently.
I really didn’t like the fact that the older field was pretty long, but now I understand that this was just an excuse to use it less. I want to use Ego Diss + more and more, loop it again and again.
As Mucc has said, I also got the increased awareness and emptiness of the mind. I would compare this state to the consistently growing Silent Mind and Inner Self Critic into Inner Self Supporter.
I feel like I’m becoming my real self, who I really should have been throughout my life and dropping everything that is not me. All doors are open now…


Does anyone have a good original image for Ego Diss + ?

Without the magnifying glass in the corner?

I like to get my NFT’s printed by a photo shop, and I’d like to get the best image I can.


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Thank you!

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For those whom don’t rock the Higher Self NFT this is the perfect alternative!

Definitely the way to go


Also replacement if you don’t have Silver Thread or way better alignment / connection


Anyone got any updates?