Energetic Home Heater and Air-Conditioning - A Touch of the Gods

Home Heater: Here, an energetic device that can be tempered to an ideal temperature (20-23 degrees). It is best to print it and experiment. The radius is approx 10-20 meters.

Air-Conditioning: Same concept of the heat heater, but in the opposite way. This device will cool the environment in your house to approximately 15-18 degrees and the radius is approx 10-20 meters.



Thanks for this 2 free mandala :star_struck::heartbeat: !


Thank you!

Hope it helps everyone with the cold or the heat :grimacing:


Thank you :pray:t5::sun_with_face:.

The weather here tends to get hotter, I don’t have any AC (not complaining though :slightly_smiling_face:).

So it should come in handy.

Thank you once again for the all the amazing tools, specially for the heart wall breaker.

Have a great day.

God bless us all :pray:t5::sun_with_face:


Thank you for your kind words :pray:

Have a great day too


@aTouchOfTheGods Thank you for this!

One question: can I just deactivate with my intention one of them. Enterering the air-cooling season but have both of them printed out. So not to have them intersecting within 10-20 m radius. I want all all of my living space to be cool and dry. (using dehumidifier too.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes of course. You can deactivate it without problem

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