Energy Awakening Course Revisited

Energy Awakening Course

We will be revisiting the our Energy Awakening Course with weekly interactive classes and guided practices that will allow for everyone to get the most out of this course. This is an opportunity to be completely engaged with the creators of the course and to be taking it alongisde many others who are either taking it for the first time or revisiting it.

We will start relistening to all the audios that expand our awareness and control of our energy. Also activate in us the ability to heal energetically. At the same time, we will be going over the practices in the course that help us gain control of our energy, of ourselves and allow us to use our energy sensitivity to our advantage.

We will have threads in our forum corresponding to each section we will go through on a weekly basis. On this thread, we will be chatting all week about the lessons, things we’ve learned and any questions you might have. Then we will have a weekly zoom call (does not require video or voice, you can just chat) from where we will discuss the section in detail. I will ask questions. I will clarify things. But most of all, we will do practices together and in a way that should make learning these practices easier for everyone. These will be recorded for anyone who misses out on them.

So this is a grand opportunity for newcomers that were iffy about the course to join now and be a part of a collective that will be learning together. As if this were a real class in school but in this case, there’s no pressure and it should be fun more than anything. It’s not meant to be a chore.

And I will also suggest a phone application that will allow for me to make a community for this course, where all the tasks will be listed and doing them, will gives you points. So it will gameify this class and make it even more fun and engaging as you level up through the course. And also, nudge us to actually go through with it because it is very easy to lose focus or willpower on any course or class.

So if you are interested, you can purchase the Energy Awakening Course here.

This is noncommittal and you can drop at any time. You also don’t have to pay anything extra for this. This is free for anyone who purchased the course.

We hope to start this next week but you can join in at any time. It is best if you start from the very beginning to get the best experience.

Schedule (Subject to change)
Week 1: Foundation Section
Week 2: Lessons 1-4 of Energy Awareness & Stimulation
Week 3: Lessons 5-7 of Energy Awareness & Stimulation
Week 4: Subconscious Communication
Week 5: Healing Attunement
Week 6: Crystallization Attunement
Week 7: Psychic Defense
Week 8: Summary of Everything

If you are interested in joining the interactive class, respond to this thread letting me know you are interested and the email you have enrolled with. Thank you!

I also already have the names of the people who were interested.




I’m soo interested, I also replied to the email.
Thank you!!!

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I would like to join. Thank you

I’m interested as well!


i replied to the email i got this from. i’m interested, just making sure i say so here as well. :)


I’m interested and happy to revisit

Definitely interested and replied to your email. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Wauw, amazing - havent seen the course lessons properly and just started “Body primer” again.

And it align perfectly with ending my exams and going on summerholiday. :smiley:

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Yes! Yes! Yes! :grinning:

Im interested, also replied to the email :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to this


I’m interested

I’m looking forward to this!

If you haven’t sent your email to me, send to my pm here or to Don’t post here in this thread lol.

I will set it all up in the morning and create a new section in this forum and send everyone an email as a reminder.

Pretty excited for it and look forward to this journey with you all :slight_smile:




Oh yes please! I never finished the course and would love to do it with others.

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