Energy Awareness & Stimulation RE

July 5- July 7

Energy Sensing

  1. Do the Hand Scractching palm exercise described in the beginning. Were you able to focus enough on the echoing feeling on your pam, that you were able to feel the vibrating energy of your hand? Describe what you felt.
  2. Do the scratching knee exercise. Same thing. Focus on the feeling. Don’t try to feel the energy, just focus on the feeling on your knee until you feel the vibrating energy. Try not try. The awareness of energy vibrating should come naturally just by focusing on the feeling. Were you able to feel it? How did it feel? What were your reactions
  3. Do the line tracing exercise from your knees to your pelvis and focus on the feeling going up. Focusing on that echoing feeling and just purely focusing on that awareness. The awareness of the whole trace. Focus on that trace. Were you able to keep awareness of the whole trace? Then do the same trace without your hands and just your mind. Were you able to create that trace with just your imagination and awareness alone?

Do you have any other questions, thoughts or insights about this chapter? Share them here or PM them to me if you’d like.

Energy Body Stimulation

  1. Do the Thumb Tracing exercise. Were you able to stimulate your thumb successfully? How did it feel? If it didn’t work and you weren’t able to trace it with your mind after initial stimulation, what was that like?
  2. Stimulate any part of your body with your hands (like a circle trace or rubbing motion) and then using that echoing feeling, trace it over and over again with your mind. Were you able to do it successfully? How did that feel? Did you feel energetic stimulation? If not, what did you feel and why do you think you met resistance?

Now, do you have any questions, thoughts or insights about this chapter? Share them here or PM them to me if you’d like.

Awareness Actions

  1. Do the stirring action as shown in the video. How did that feel? What effect did you get from it? Remember to try these exercises a few times and don’t expect results in the very first try. A few tries should certainly get you results. If not, share that with us or to me privately, and I will help you get there. (writing down for just yourself is also good to track your progress)
  2. Do the Brushing Action on your palm. Describe how this felt. Reactions, results…
  3. Do the Tearing Action on your Solar Plexus Chakra. Describe how this felt. Reactions, results…
  4. Do the sponging action on your palm. Describe how this felt. Reactions, results…

Do these exercises several times. Don’t just do it once and then let the result of that one try be the end of it. And share your results in the thread or to me. This is the beginning of our exercises and is a very important step to understanding how to become aware of our energy bodies and how to stimulate it. It paves the path for many other things.

Now, do you have any questions, thoughts or insights about this chapter? Share them here or PM them to me if you’d like.


(Sorry for the weird times. I will be out of state from Friday to Sunday, so this is what I have available)

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Energy Sensing. I feel more organised now that I’ve printed off the exercise sheets, that shows the frequency of suggested practising. The sensations aren’t new, it just experiencing them with a different perspective, in terms of recognising the sensations as being the energy body. I’m glad you have made it clear to repeat these exercises, because I would be inclined to just think, right I’ve got this - let’s move on to the next more interesting stuff. But I can understand that my mind needs to start to recognise the energy body. And it’s through repeating these exercises.
Energy Body Stimulation I found I was able to do , together with the Awareness Actions they were surprisingly effective. I felt a bit uncertain and uncomfortable about creating this energy not knowing what to do with it. So i found the instruction to breathe into it, simple as it sounds, helpful. Brushing and squeezing actions were the easiest to feel and locate and track.
I have recently taken up Chi Gong again, having found YOQI online a few months ago. It focuses alot on moving personal Chi, these practises have definitely helped with ease of being able to feel the energy. Until today I hadn’t considered that both these practises are essentially about sensing the same energy. Dooh ! I really like the feel of the Chi Gong practises and how much better my body feels after the practise. But I hadn’t really taken onboard just how important our mind is when relating to our energy body. I don’t really know why, but I am more prepared to give this credibility now I’m doing this course. Perhaps because I’ve listened to the ego dissolver a few times ! :)


Energy Sensing

  1. It felt as another layer above the physical hand.
  2. Feels like a beam of energy coming out of the traced line.
  3. Was able to create the trace just in imagination, and feels the same as when I had made a trace.
    Energy Body Stimulation
  4. After I stimulated it in imagination, I fetl the spot pulsating.
  5. I stimulated my palm, and when using the echoing feeling, I started to feel movement and tingling
    Awareness Actions
  6. Felt the same effect as when I made the tracing. Pulsating energy and tinglings.
  7. The brushing actions feels the easiest to do – imagining the feeling of a brush going up an down. Overall same feeling as the other actions
  8. The tearing was not so obvious in effects, but felt a sort of ripple. Have to work on the awareness hands more.
  9. The sponging actions also feels easy to do, and I feel a sort of refresh and coolness, and the energy flowing down the hand
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@AnneC Yes! Glad you are using the exercise sheet. Easy way, I think, to follow along and consistently do the practices. The more you do them, the more instantenous feeling your energy body becomes… and more instant you can shift your energy.

Qi Gong and these practices go hand in hand! Great combination. Highly recommend you stick to qi gong as it is one of the healthiest practices you can do and also helps you gain more control over your energy flow.

@alexmage Thanks for sharing Alex! Felt pretty much what usually gets felt when done right. It’s not difficult really. Glad you can feel everything rather well so far. The tearing became easy to me when I took a donut, placed it in my chest and ripped it in half. Lmao yes it looked very silly. But it helped create the imprint of the feeling.


July 8 - July 10

First question.

Is anyone using the exercise sheet? It is a great way of keeping up with the exercises. The exercises aren’t meant to just be done once. They are meant to be done several times daily. They can be done at any time dueing the day. Even while working.

Hand Palm Stimulation & Growth


  1. Do the hand and palm work practice. Make sure to do it on both hands. Then play one of your favorite morphic fields and place your hands on the speaker or wherever the audio is playing. Imagine absorbing the energy through your hands.

Do you feel the energy flow in through your hand? How does that feel? And how did you imagine the emergy flowing through your hand? Did you create an imaginary technique for it such as imagining a vaccum on your hand or something like that?

Body Part Stimulation


Do the three tips before all these exercise! (Towels, crystallization energy flow and have meditation audio playing for the exercises)

  1. Do the left leg and right leg exercise. Describe how that felt for you. How waa the meditation on the left and right left afterward? Describe the experience of this and how well you were able to feel your etheric legs. Try walking afterwards and describe how that feels as well.

  2. Do the left arm and right arm exercise. Describe how that felt for you. How was the meditation on the left and right arm afterward? Describe the experience of this and how well you were able to feel your etheric arm. Try waving your arms afterwards and describe how that feels as well.

For extra credit. Do a little workout or some yoga right afterwards. If not, you could also do one session of our advanced pranayama. Write how that practice feels afterwards.

  1. Do the head to pelvis exercise. Take it slow at first and don’t rush yourself. This can be intense. If you find it too intense, you can stop and try another time. Afterwards, meditating for several minutes focusing on your buzzing energy. See if you can directly feel your chakras.

If you go through the full exercise, how was the experience? How far did you go?

Whole Body Stimulation:


  1. Do the whole body stimulation exercise. (Do the towel and crystallization beforehand) Play energy sensitivoty for this exercise.
    Afterwards, imagine yourself buzzing with love and light. That buzzing energy being a powerful flow of self love. Feel this for yourself totally.

Afterwards, imaging yourself having abundance. You having all that you want. Feel that you are who you want to be. Imagine wholeness and allow that buzzing energy to reflect that.

Write down how that goes for you.

Energy Bouncing


Do the sponging technique. While doing it, play energy sensitivity. (Yes, we are getting more freedom to listen to the audios with the practices now. We have already compelted the first course of it and use it a little more freely. Don’t overdo it though. )

Note how that goes for you. The effects of the practice and whether you felt it release any blocks and reinvigorate the energy flow

Now Main Questions

What parts did you get stuck in? What are the practices you struggle with so far? Have you been consistent?

And more importantly. Ask me questions! I’m her÷ to help you get up to speed. I’ve been doing the practices again and… they work so well. I can’t see how they wouldn’t work well for others if they really tried them either. So let’s get to it!


I will be sending the zoom link for Sundays class at 7 PM EST sometime today.


Hi Sammy , I haven’t received any zoom links - not last week or this week.
I didn’t receive recording either ? Is there anything I need to be doing to access this ? thanks

Email me your email and I’ll make sure you’re on the list.

Just to be sure… everyone else recieved the email invites right? Sometimes gmail blocks some emails because I’m sending too many at the same time. Or sends it to spam. Just want to be sure. Thanks.


Energy Sensing

  1. Yes, I felt it. It felt like a ghost feeling, and I could feel it for a long time afterwards.
  2. Yes, I felt it. It felt like a pulsing and I was able to focus all my energy on it.
  3. Yes, it was quite easy to trace with imagination and awareness.

Energy Body Stimulation

  1. Yes! I could do it. It didn’t feel as strongly as when I was using my finger, but I still felt a kind of tickling sensation.
  2. I stimulated my left knee with my hand. I could feel the energetic stimulation.

Awareness Actions

  1. I got a tickling sensation and a pulsing sensation.
  2. It felt nice and calming, but also tickled.
  3. When I did the tearing action it felt like a jump, almost like bounce on a trampoline
  4. When I squeezed harder I felt a slight tingler in the center of my palm. This was the action I felt the least.

*I wasn’t using the exercise sheet, but I’ll start now!

Hand Palm Stimulation and Growth
I definitely felt the energy flow through my hand. I did all the actions but notices that I was moving my head to get the feeling… so I stopped moving my head, and automatically my eyes started doing the motions… so when I tried to stop using my eyes, it the actions coordinated with my breath. Is that okay, to use our head or eyes to do the imaginary actions?

I also chose to play the Love Album and could definitely feel the vibrations in my hands.

Body Part Stimulation
Yes I did the exercise and could feel them. I could feel it for quite a while afterwards too.


Is this the email to send my email to you ?
…not sure how to PM you ?

I found your live email. I’ll be sending you an email today.

Awesome! Other people felt it like a ghostly feeling as well.

Please do. It’s the only way any of this actually sticks. By doing it consistently. Otherwise, it’s a one and done experience that fades into the background. These practices don’t quite reveal their secrets and other parts of us that are still unknown, until we consistently practice. I’ve a good feeling you will though!

Haha yes. I do this all the time. So it is perfectly fine.

Hmm… great idea. I should have recommended that. Just feeling love off the cuff isn’t as easy I think it is lol.