Energy blockage removal..?

I listened to energy blockage removal and after that there is some pin like pain in my chest area and my mind is also kind of disturbed and depressed what could this be?

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It could be your blockages being remove


Maybe stuff is surfacing, listen to some emotional release and some grounding after wards


Focus on feeling what are these uprising negative emotions tied to. The more aware u are of the trauma responsible for those blockages, the more u can heal and grow from it all.


What is occurring is that the area of your heart chakra may have had numerous problems that were buried deep, but now because they have been risen to the surface your feeling it.

Make sure to play emotional release which @PatronSaintBiceps said and if you can you can buy the heart chakra audio to help you heal deeper

and most importantly play some love audios, especially self love !

I recommend using this stack provided by the legend him self @JAAJ


Thank you guys for the support.


Just a thought: it could also be overwhelm. It creates tension in my chest, scattered thoughts, fatigue and a bit of depression.

To be on the safe side, maybe monitor things closely while listening to other fields :slight_smile:

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That too ! You need major amounts of grounding I call that the limbo phase

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hahah why the limbo state?

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Because you are literally in the middle and you don’t get sad or happy you just go right back down or up to neutral
This is the exact face :neutral_face::man_shrugging:t4:

Grounding, that’s the medicine


:joy: haha that made me laugh :slight_smile:
It’s not how I experienced overwhelm in the past, but I might not be in the norm (i was coming out of years of illness and at the time still in some of those feedback loops). It was not comfortable (anxiety, depression, fatigue)

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Pm let’s not overload the thread,
I know exactly what you mean @Amber3 !