Energy Course RE General Discussion

Hello everyone, welcome to our revisiting of the ‘Energy Awakening Course!’ This is going to be a rather interactive course in that I will be here with you all every step of the way. Any questions you have. Any concerns. I will be here. And you all will be here as well to assist each other in understanding the concepts and practices we will be revisiting.

Every week we will be going through a section. This week we will be going through the Foundation Section. You can watch the videos on your own time throughout the week. But if you would like some structure, you can follow along with this thread. I will be posting questions and some short exercises for two videos a day. There will be a number of us answering these questions and discussing the exercises here. But you don’t have to answer these questions publicly. I would suggest writing down the answers in a journal or meditating on the questions. You can even email them to me or PM me if you’d prefer to keep the communication private. Why the questions and exercises though?

This course is not about my thoughts and understandings of the world and me trying to convince you of them. This course is about you. Your thoughts. Your perceptions. Your way of seeing the world and learning to see and interact with it in a whole new way. So the questions and exercises will be for you to further contemplate the material and allow your interpretations of it all to actually shape your your mind. Better yet, many of us will share our perceptions on the material in this thread or in the live chats and being open to these all these thoughts will expand our understanding and shape our minds in a much grander way.

And now for some other announcements as to how we will go about this interactive course.

  • When I figure out the best time during the week for a zoom call, I will email everyone the zoom meeting link. The times will vary from Friday to Sunday and I will adhere to other peoples time zones. I will set up a weekly poll so people can choose best date and time for them. For the people who can never make it, I will set up at least one date where I will do a zoom call at a very late time or super early time for me so that they can join comfortably as well.
    • Weekly recordings will be sent the week after
  • The Game Application idea won’t happen. It would be way too complicated to set up for everyone and we are not all tech savvy enough for that lol. I don’t mean that as an insult. Moreso, it would be too much of a hassle. No worries, I’ll improvise other ways to make this fun and engaging enough to not get bored with it. (I’ll try my best lol)
  • We will be starting with Body Primer today. You can still listen to other audios or use other fields throughout the duration of the course. If you ever feel energetically overwhelmed, I would suggest not using other fields for a bit.
  • Anyone that buys or bought the course can join us at any time. You won’t be able to catch up with the audios but you can definitely catch up with the material through reading the threads and watching the recorded sessions and still be at pace with us.
  • Outside people will be able to view the course threads. I left it open only because many course members that are not taking part in the interactive course should still be able to see the material. The recordings will not be public though. Those will be private but still available for course members.
    • That being said, I’ll be moderating our threads heavily and keeping them on track. So no worries about vibes or anything like that. I’ll make sure it’s a pleasant and comfortable environment for everyone participating.
    • If you have trouble creating a profile here or signing up, let me know! I will help get you set up very easily. Also, when you sign up to the forum, the forum activation email always go to spam. Keep that in mind.
  • That’s it! I think. I probably missed something but if you have any questions, comments or concerns, this thread is for that. The Foundation Section thread is where we will start the interactive course. I won’t create the threads for the other sections until we get to them.

if you have purchased the course, check the Psychic Pillars Exercise Sheet pdf


I just bought the course. I’d love to get started also with those recent course revisited recordings as from what I read here they also add a lot of further clarifications. Could I get access to those recordings? In the course there’s only recordings from 2020.

@SammyG could you help me in that regard?

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Send me a pm with your email


Hi, DarekSk!
glad youre here


Hey, I have sent you two PMs, but you never replied.

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