Energy Sensitivity Field

Hi everyone. I have just started on the Energy Sensitivity field from the course. Would anyone mind sharing their experiences with this field with me?

I have a very severe headache today after listening to it, I just want to know is this normal because it is such a strong field. Should I be looking out for more things to come, both mentally and physically?


Let me find the thread or if someone find it faster , please tag me

I personnally getted so much detox (cry :sob:and mad type :triumph:) … and ye headache :weary: lol

but also pay attention to your palms :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :cyclone:

At this point i believe this journey its full of detox lol :laughing: :rofl:

To deal with the detox i recommend . Patience , faith and mindfullness (i say this like easy hihihi hahaha , but mmmm can get wild , also its a reminder for me lol) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :heartbeat:

And talking about fields : Alchemical Crucible X3 Emotional Release , Exorcism , Grounding :face_with_monocle:

And have this in mind , sometimes the feeling you are feeling its probably that in 24 hours you look back and say : LETS DO IT AGAIN :D

haha then you dive again and then … Haha

Dont worry!! :ok_hand:


Do a cold shower (or hold your head from outside and just your head in the bath and spray yourself with some cold water for 5-10min)


I think it’s normal. I had strong reactions to the first two audios myself. Lots of fatigue and cold-like symptoms, especially shivering. It’s totally worth it though :slight_smile: and yes:

:point_up_2: this :sweat_smile:


Haha :joy: Thank you @AkiraTheWild you made me laugh :blush: My headache has eased off a small bit and I have gone straight back to do my second day of Energy Sensitivity now so you are definitely right :joy: :joy:

Thank you also for naming those 4 fields. I have been using Grounding and Emotional Release but I will add in to other 2 now also.

Thank you :blush:


Thank you @Bup its so weird, when i was younger i used to suffer from terrible migraines and i always used to put my head under the shower for as long as possible with cold water.

You have brought back some old memories to me with your post. Even though the migraines were awful, you still brought my memories back to very happy times, thank you :blush:

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Oh I’ll keep persevering for sure :blush:

I think Denzel Washington said it best in the Energy Course Training Day…

Detox Symptoms Ain’t Got Sh*t On Me!!! :joy:

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what are your experiences? ( if you don’t mind sharing ;p )

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