Energy sensitivity

Share your experiences with this audio. I’ve noticed heightened sense of sight. Noticing small intricate details in my environment.
I also noticed more feeing of energy coming out of my feet. I feel this when grounding but now it’s more intense and I feel some sharp pains for a few sec.


this audio still has me so tired after running it


my experience was that i instantly felt my bodily sensations in a much greater and more powerful way than before the listening, also more sensitivity to others energies, it was super super intense i havent listened to it in a long time


Seems like my natural ability in that audio… :laughing: I’m glad someone like to have that ability :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@anon25711007 haha yeah i get you its a natural for me too thats why it makes it alot more intense lol :sweat_smile:


@Eli try combining it with one of the jing audios to replenish the energy


Yea. Imagine if someone already born with this ability and use this to enhance that :rofl: the intensity of people energy will be enhance. And you will hate it more


@Imogen Lol exactly it takes time to integrate it all as it is so with this it becomes overwhelming sometimes, hate is a strong word though i prefer uncomfortable :purple_heart::pray:t2:


Yea, to be honest i found it really overwhelming and have put the course away for a while, just really wasn’t enjoying being MORE sensitive to energies in and around me. Lol. Thinkimg of getting back into it, but really just feeling a bit aprehensive about that. Do want to learn to focus my sensitivity more but really, with two weans to look after all day (tis the summer break in scotland the now) and one more out the house to worry about I’m not sure im yet ready to put myself through that again. Blaaaaah.


Oh yea and what’s more scary is the night terror of bombarded of energy from neighbors. It’s still lockdown here and I live so close to all my neighbors the houses. I can feel the energy of desperation to look for money. Depression and some angry. Some really just happy and some confusion. These energy come to me every night and I have to deal with it. Sometimes I end up crying for no reason if I don’t protect myself.


Thats a lot to handle. Warrior soul :pray::hugs:


Wauw, love the effect of this audio.

I am already very energy sensitive, but I was still curious to try this field.

The last past 2 months, my mood has been very low. I am stressing because i have to turn in my master project in 2 weeks, i am busy at work and my boyfriend is very sick.

BUT after 2 days of listening to this field, i am full of energy and it feels like my old good mood is coming back to me, YAY. Miss happy me :’)

I am convinced it’s the field making the mood change. :slight_smile:


I listened to many new morphic fields one day and that night the soles of my feet were burning, I almost got a cold wet towel to cool them down. I wish I understood more about energy.

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Something interesting happened. So far I have done 2 days of this audio. So before doing the course itself, when I would listen to ego dissolution i wouldn’t feel much but now after only 2 days of this sensitivity audio, I notice how my mood has been neutral for the most part.

On top of that the negative energy in everyday life didn’t bother me at all.


With this audio, I have the impression it is affecting my smell capabilities. I smell more stuff/odours :), not always agreeable to my nose…

For the rest, I am meditating, abstaining from any other field. I hope it does something for the rest… :slight_smile:

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I remember smelling tobacco and roses that I associated with Padre Pio. Other than that, the extrasensory smelling “gift” can be a tad uncomfortable. :slight_smile:


Trigger warning (SH)

Something that had never crossed my mind until I listened to this audio is that self-harm also leaves clear energetic scars. I played this while taking a short nap last summer then woke up to a strange feeling around my left forearm where I used to cut over a year ago. It is hard to put into words but there was a stark difference with the rest of my body, as if there was some kind of buildup but it also felt somewhat numb. The energy still does not flow the way it normally does. It made me realize that there is a lot of healing to get done on that level as well.

Thank you so much for this gem :dizzy:


any1 still use this on a daily basis ?

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My energy sensitivity is not bad, but I guess improving it would be great.

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