Entity/Curse/Spell Clearing Stack

Out of the following fields, would any of these be redundant, and what would be the best order of these?

Point of No Return
Exorcism Rite 2.0
Curse/Spell Removal
De-Inhabiter Combo

Thank you!

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In the strictest sense, no, none of them are “redundant,” because if an exact version of that field already existed, there’d be no need to recreate another field. The files that you’ve listed work on the same topic. They take different approaches and use different methods. That doesn’t necessarily make them “redundant,” especially when you have a result when you want to accomplish.

And isn’t that’s what’s important: you getting the results that you want to get?

It’s kind of like when you have an infection and the doctor gives you prescriptions for 5 different antibiotics because she wants to make sure that your infection doesn’t spread and is fully eliminated. Sure, you could label 3 or 4 of those antibiotics “redundant.” But is that label helpful to your getting healthy?

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Not redundant, but you should add:

Curse/Spell Removal (Paid)
Etheric Cord Cutter (free)
Negentropic Etheric Cord Cutter (Paid)
Repel Negative Energy 2.0 (free)
White Light Waves (free)
Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation (free)
Love Graviton Wave (free)
Angelic Intercession 2.0 (free)

Any other high-vibrational stuff. Generally negative entities don’t last long around Angelic/Divine power.


Yeah that makes sense. I know some newer/combo fields include other fields within them, and/or are newer versions of other fields. For instance, if the “De-Inhabiter Combo” is called combo because it combines other fields? I also ask because I simply don’t want to use “too many” fields, by overwhelming my system and getting less effective results. Sometimes less is more. But thanks for clarifying. Does the order of these matter at all, or does that not make a difference?

The order of these can matter but the more you loop the less it does.

Also I highly recommend mixing single fields with the larger ones. Maybe not with negentropic cord cutter, for example, but larger programs.

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Hi, criticalmass. Welcome silver



I understand. But the few you’ve listed fit within the listening guidelines that can be handled by most people.

Some of have preferences for the way we order our stacks. In fact, there’s an awesome thread (How to Create Great Stacks) which can help you to decide your order which works best for you.

Here’s my opinion about “order:” Can it be helpful? Sure, but the order of your fields is like a flea on the back of a very large dog. I think it’s more helpful to select the fields that address your issues and in a way that you can handle than to worry too much about the order.

And I feel comfortable in my opinion, as it’s echoed by Sammy in his great Ultimate List of Morphic Field Stacks thread.

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Ok great, I’ll check out those threads. Thank you for your time and advice!

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