Environment clean up field - interactive

Would ppl be interested in this idea: using a field that helps neutralize all different types of man-made pollution, in the air, soil and water, to target where they want?

I have this available as audios, but these are not morphic fields and can’t be imbued on objects, etc. Someone suggested the idea of getting Dream to make this. I’m sure people would be interested in this. If you are, please comment.

Or if you have any other ideas related to this please also share.



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did you really say this lol :slight_smile:


Would this be a public project? I’d love for this to exist as item maker so that it can spread out. The earth needs it.


Oh i thought (and i think others too) that this would be a project for Dreamweaver to create a field/mandala. Not you :sweat_smile:

Im not sure this should be promoted under “Community and side Projects” since this section is for members to come together and present and idea for Dream to turn it into and NFT mandala or audio some times public to sell on Gumroad.

@Divine_Lotus maybe this can be moved somewhere else to not create confusion?


haha woops – still learning how this place works my apologies - but ya definitely would be awesome if Dream could do this as well

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Its a great idea, he has made some similar ones but not the whole concept you presented here.

Maybe we can create a group and brainstorm ideas then present it to him?

Or it can be here on this post and see if he would like to make it and if he wants it to be public?

usually once certain number of people (min 10) have commented here “interested” a private chat group is created by the leader then once we have all the idea complete we send it to him and he let us know if is approved or not or things have to be changed etc.

There is a form to follow to request fields to be made an a range of prices depending on what we want, etc and its a minimum of 10 copies we have to order. Prices are around 250-270 each copy unless extra abilities i think its 100 each.

If you want this to become a Product made by Dream ill def be interested.:)

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It would be so awesome to have as an item I’m sure ppl would be interested … let’s see

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So its up to you to decide if you want to turn it into a project for Dream to make, then you might want to make it clear in the original post and people will comment if they are interested or not and see how many people would like to join etc.

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And i apologize if i sounded like im cutting your desire to do it yourself.

Just that maybe in that case you can promote it under the “classified” category so members understand that is you who wants to gather people to try your creations and not a Community Side Project for Dream to make. :)

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I think I’ll do both. Maybe I’ll delete this post and start a new proper one for the community - but honestly, the idea isn’t mine - anyone who likes this idea can also post it under community. I need to complete some other tasks first but gladly will add this (presenting this as an idea for Dream) to my list to submit later :) Otherwise anyone is welcome to do the same :)

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No problem.

Ill keep an eye around in case you want it as a Community Project so id join :)

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It’s really great - I’m excited :)))

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I’ll move to the requests and fields thread perhaps?

This may be most appropriate in #lounge:suggestions-ideas

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Thank you