Eternity tag

Hello :slight_smile:

I am thinking to buy the eternity tag. Its literally my only savings lol - wanted to know few things about it. What have your experiences been and say if the tag breaks? - will it still work? Also Can i keep it for 5-10 years - will it still be effective?

I need to know few things like this - this will be my first purchase. I here and there listen to Anti aging, telomere and grey hair reversal audios, do u feel if i listen to them more often i wont need the tag?

Sorry i seem confused, its just that the price is a lot lol


In fact, both parts will grow the field separately until they reach full strength again…on both.

Of course, it will only continue to get stronger over time.


I’ll let some others who have this tag answer the rest of the questions
ahem @Maoshan_Wanderer


Thank you bro

I just ordered it
Many blessings to u !

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lol really?? That was quick
before or after my post?


Lol same time. Lifes too short to worry :joy:


:dizzy: :boom: :100: :100: :+1: :+1:


By the way i wear some crystals like moldavite, sunstone and carnelian. Shall i take them off when i get my tag this week??

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Nope, you can still wear those.

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There are titanium dog tags being sold on eBay for $10. I wish Dreamweaver would use this material since it is really unbreakable and will really last forever.

I also seen titanium Army style bead chains being sold on Ebay. I’m going to buy a couple of these in order to upgrade my A.P.E and Sheilding Sapien dog tags. I feel like the stock stainless steel chain can break at any moment and in fact my friend’s shielding dog tag chain broke while he was sleeping.

dog tag chains break all the time, they are made to be breakable…
ever seen an WWII movies? :rofl:

I’d recommend taking the tags off that beaded chains and putting them on one of those wearable cloth/polysynthetic necklace/strings
or at least a really well-made necklace/chain with good craftmanship.

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looking forward to some threads being posted in the future ;D

Yes, that’s what I did too. Much more comfortable to wear as it’s softer to the skin and I can adjust the length so the tags can be put in the bra cup.:smile:

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I bought titanium chains.

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What? So you have two ugly dogtags in a price of one beautiful?

People who have eternity tag, wanna update? or sell?


So my tag fell and the image on the tag came off. I stuck it back to the pendant with some super strength gum. The field will be fine right?


The field is fine. Wouldn’t hurt to wrap a piece of transparent tape around.


Yep broit will

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Dw still works

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