Field the Forum

Is it possible to field the forum? Like make it a peaceful welcoming place? I admit I haven’t put much thought into this idea I just thought of it now.


I’m pretty sure it already is


I don’t think it is, although it has it’s collective field for sure

Would be dope if it was connected to the mass meditation field though! That would be beyond epic, we’d all be noded and uplifting each other big time.


I remember a comment that i must of read years ago, maybe one of the admins or somone else saying the fourm isnt field, or that would be wrong.

Am like 98% sure am wrong, maybe this is a made up memeory


I too, share the same possibly made up memory, but i lacked the bravery to admit it at first.



Yeah I think we are right, because remember sammy saying somthing like I wish the social tag came out before the course

And dream said somthing like it would be wrong to wear the tag.

Or am I making up memories now? :joy:


Uhhhh… Nah!.. Nah …


lol kiddin, but I don’t remember this part, my memory can use some work tbh haha


Now That’s a Great Thought (unlike some of mine :sweat_smile:)!

Maybe it’s me but I always feel negative energy from this forum… Like weird to describe. That would be quite nice to make field that protect each individuals from receiving this energy. But mainly just focus in the forum itself. Like some type of barrier.

I’m not saying there isn’t nice energy from here. There are but. The dense energy showing more than the positive :sweat_smile:

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In my experience there is positive and negative energy on the forum.

However, that energy does not come from the forum itself, but from the people here and with what energy they project into what they write.

Just as with everyday life, there are people who project positive energy and there are people who project negative energy.
And all the colors in between.

Some are here because they need help.
Some are here because they want to vent or steal other’s energy.
Some are here to share their positive energy.
Some are here to inspire and educate.
All the possible types of energies can be encountered here.

What I personally do is this:

  1. If a thread is not delivering me any new info that is strategically import for my goals or understanding of certain mechanisms, I simply mute the thread so that it no longer appears in my “latest” view. I can still always find those threads later should I need them via the search function. So no FOMO here.

  2. If a forum member repeatedly posts something that I personally find “dumb” or “energy stealing” or “putting my vibration down”, I go to the user’s profile and put that user on “ignore forever”. That way I don’t see any of their content anymore, and thus cannot be triggered into reacting to it or giving my attention energy to it. Also there is then no longer a chance for my ego to be triggered into giving out “unwanted advice” to people who don’t wanna hear it.

That’s it.
Nothing personal in most cases.
Just keeping my ego in check by avoiding being triggered and at the same time protecting my own vibration, my energy and my incarnational time.
Focus and essentialism are key to being more efficient.


How do you mute a thread?

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At the bottom of each thread is a “Tracking” button:


Thank you kindly! :green_heart:

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the forum has a collective field i think is it already tied to us


I was thinking about that today too. It would be nice to put a little extra love in here. Great idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::stars::four_leaf_clover:

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Bad idea. You don’t know what people need and don’t need. Not everything needs a morphic field put onto it, some things should just form on their own. Lest we LOVE AND LIGHT!!! ourselves to death.

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