Fields for human design?

Human Design combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophy,[5][6][7][8] centering around the division of personalities into five energy types alleged to indicate how someone is supposed to exchange energy with the world: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors.[9] It was originated by Alan Robert Krakower who published a book called The Human Design System under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu in 1992.


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have also had this on my head to ask, because i was addicted to astrology and human design later and used those to better understand the heads and behaviours of other people and my own mushaps. and still do using my intuition and feelings plus the gathered info i have, because habbits…

later on …well with this creator here, meaning Dreamweaver, i discovered that with Audios such as the planetary effects and the lot you really free yourself from the need to consider the bad and good effects…

that said well most of the people behave as if they have the energy centers described in this but i cannot for example recognise a projector from a manifestor mainly because these types are overfludded with energy from other types and the enviroment and usually…bitter or angry…and seldom really as described.

most pushy and ego types are perhaps the manifesting emotional generators…

i had alwas the concept in my head that the type of human design one has will also influence the work with fields…for example an individual with open emotional centre and open head centers (better both) will better recieve the info from enviroment/fields but as you may alreeady guess such types are also very sensitive/perhapss unstable personas.

the most funny sad example is somebody with closed head centres who indluges in spritual growth work with passion…well they are very thorough but seldom get it.

all of this is my observation only.


and if you really get good books and research your design and feel in to the practise to overcome the week spots in the design…those are really effective on their own. i have for example tried one to clense my emotional center cos mine is wide open and it worked and was profound almost as if i used a morphic field. what it was i did i cannot remember anymore. but it was from a good human design book.

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what is yours @Kenn ? type and so on…

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I’m a splenic projector, I’m still having trouble understanding my design, and I get a lot of everyday bitterness because of that…

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as far as the books tell:

you should not initiate anything, veggie out until called for, if your intuition tells you to accept an invitation do so if not say no, get rid of fear of rejection(what if nobody invites you…?)… and always trust your gut for making decisions and not your head. dont overanalyse and overthink, try to enjoy the process of living without too much deeep shit. and ground yourself allways in the present moment not worrying about what is about to happen.

dont be a control freak and most of all when you feel bitter among other people just be quiet and do something innocent (reading sth or smartphone)… a projector is then most attractive to invitation.

dont initite conversations…never. ever. just like that. wait for the low life to speak to you first. then you can adress what you want during the conversation. this is one task most dificult for anyone but esp for a projector. get used to initial isolation.

i think you be surprised at the ammount of invitations you recieve. remember not to accept anything which doesnot suit you no matter how charming the inviting party. you are boss. enjoy the process of understaning others need your wisdom, eyes and ears and that most folk are blind and you are not.

you can rule in your enviroment because you have skills others have not, you should simply wait until discovered and asked to serve. then enjoy the life.


you see what happened?.. i am a manifesting generator and you made me work for you…good.

May I ask which book about human design you like the most?
I’m just leaning about Human Design and would like to buy a book that goes more into the details of everything. I’m a Generator :)

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i use my gut for it. there is not a particular best.

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