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Here can have general discussion for the ‘Corpus Spiritus Tarot’ deck and also all things tarot related!


Hello friends so I wanted to wait a couple of days before reviewing the tarot cards just to get a general understanding on what they do and so far I am shocked how accurate they are. First card I pulled when I got the deck was four of wands and before looking up the meaning I just stared at the card for a few minutes with a blank mind and I swear it felt like the card had a life force to it or something could feel energy spreading all around my body then went about my day. During the day I was feeling pretty relaxed more than I usually am and unexplained joy starting filling inside me aswell. I noticed I was wanting to interact with others that day more than I usually do then later thought to search the meaning of four of wands and everything I described was spot on with the description. At first I thought it could have just been my positive thinking the previous day but today I drew the emperor card and did the same thing just meditated to it before looking up the definition and the energy I felt from this card felt empowering yet calm. I have been getting so much done today like cleaning out my house and just productive in general and later decided to search the meaning and without a doubt the description matched what I have been feeling today I still can’t believe how powerful and accurate these cards are super excited for what lies in the future. Thank you again sapien I wish I could give you something in return for this amazing creation you deserve the world man.


i can’t tell you how many times I have attempted to study tarot. I even took a course from BOTA in Los Angeles. They don’t believe in using tarot as divination but as a spiritual/psychic/intuitional path only. I have had tons of decks, which I gave away. I have had tons of books, which I gave away. Somewhere I have the Connolly Tarot, which I liked, and several of the books. Perhaps I should pull cards to find out why I resisted tarot in the past. I don’t seem to have the same resistance now with this new deck. Maybe that is the blessing of it. As the Fool, new beginnings, not as it was before. I started a course with a master from The Tarot School, Wald I think his name is. I had one lesson and I panicked so hard I couldn’t go on. Sounds like I have found a good thing to explore with our new sapien tarot.

If I was going to continue to explore this by pulling cards and relaying the journey, which category would I put it in?


@Rosechalice I believe there’s a Journeys category, you could start your own thread there, if you want to have all your posts in one place. Under here seems fine too, since it’s still related to tarot.

I’m curious which books and decks you’ve tried, and given away. If you want to share any reviews or personal impressions. This thread seems like the perfect place to discuss.

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I’ve been reading oracle cards for years, successfully. Thankfully you only need to pull out a few and everything is usually explained on the card. I would typically do past, present and future readings. Nothing too in depth.

Since February, I’ve been learning the art of the Tarot.
I didn’t realise it would be so complicated…all the different combinations and reversed meanings, as well as each meaning for each card.
I am determined to learn, but my goodness…it’s a lot to take in.

Does anyone have any literature that would be of benefit?

At present, I read the cards by looking at the pictures and trying to interpret them as a lot of readers do. However, I would like to understand their full meaning so I can go deeper into the reading.
I have my tarot for beginners book, but it doesn’t discuss combinations.
I find watching “pick a card” readings on YouTube helpful. I’ve learned a lot from those.

Truly fascinating though!

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Whether through books or courses, this lady will teach you to read cards like a proper cartomancer no matter the deck.


Awesome!! Thank you so, so much :smiley: that’s me signed up to the course now :blush:

I am really grateful for this as I’ve been trying so hard. This really looks amazing!

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:sparkles:Great! She’s fantastic and accessible…I think you’ll really enjoy her classes! :clinking_glasses:


Hi all. Found a book recently called The Tarot Spellbook by Sam Magdaleno. In case anyone was wondering “how do I use the cards?”

Of course feel free to get your own copy of the book, but even looking at the index (which I excerpted below) you might get some ideas on what each card can be used for.

I’d imagine using the Corpus Spiritus deck instead of regular cards would give your intentions and goals a lot more oomph.:wink:

Hope that helps. Have a good day!

Table of Contents

The Fool: Gather the Courage to Start Something New

The Magician: Manifest Your Desires

The High Priestess: Strengthen Your Intuition

The Empress: Enhance Your Beauty

The Emperor: Protect Your Home

The Hierophant: Connect with Your Ancestors

The Lovers: Ignite Passion in Your Relationship

The Chariot: Iron Away Doubts Before a Job Interview

Strength: Gain More Self-Discipline

The Hermit: Quiet Your Mind

Wheel of Fortune: Change Your Luck

Justice: Reveal the Truth

The Hanged Man: Surrender to the Universe

Death: Say Goodbye to the Old You

Temperance: Balance Your Energy

The Devil: Banish Self-Sabotage

The Tower: Embrace Change During Chaotic Times

The Star: Find Your Purpose

The Moon: Clear Confusion Around a Decision

The Sun: Increase Self-Confidence

Judgment: Overcome Self-Doubt

The World: Manifest Success



Ace of Cups: Attract New Love

Two of Cups: Strengthen Your Relationship

Three of Cups: Make New Friends

Four of Cups: Renew Inspiration

Five of Cups: Cope with Grief

Six of Cups: Heal Your Inner Child

Seven of Cups: Break Free from Analysis Paralysis

Eight of Cups: Cut Emotional Ties

Nine of Cups: Make Your Wish Come True

Ten of Cups: Bring Peace to Your Home

Page of Cups: Inspire Bright Ideas

Knight of Cups: Manifest Your Dream Partner

Queen of Cups: Deepen Your Self-Love

King of Cups: Scrub Away Stress


Ace of Wands: Begin a New Project

Two of Wands: Get a New Job

Three of Wands: Clear the Road Ahead

Four of Wands: Bring Happiness to Your Home

Five of Wands: Repair a Friendship

Six of Wands: Get Noticed at Work

Seven of Wands: Knock Out the Competition

Eight of Wands: Speed Things Up

Nine of Wands: Protect Yourself from Bad Vibes

Ten of Wands: Call on Strength from the Universe

Page of Wands: Communicate Clearly

Knight of Wands: Be Bold and Courageous

Queen of Wands: Relieve Social Anxiety

King of Wands: Gain Control of a Situation


Ace of Swords: Have Your Breakthrough Moment

Two of Swords: Make the Right Choice

Three of Swords: Mend Your Broken Heart

Four of Swords: Slow Things Down

Five of Swords: Let Go of a Grudge

Six of Swords: Release Emotional Baggage

Seven of Swords: Smash Away Imposter Syndrome

Eight of Swords: Free Yourself from Your Shadow

Nine of Swords: Ease Your Anxiety

Ten of Swords: Rise from the Ashes

Page of Swords: Do Well on a Test

Knight of Swords: Achieve Your Goal

Queen of Swords: Strengthen Personal Protection

King of Swords: Get Your Question Answered


Ace of Pentacles: Become a Money Magnet

Two of Pentacles: Stabilize Your Finances

Three of Pentacles: Increase Workplace Harmony

Four of Pentacles: Release Money Insecurity

Five of Pentacles: Mend Your Broken Spirit

Six of Pentacles: Recover Money Owed

Seven of Pentacles: Grow Your Business

Eight of Pentacles: Develop Your Skills

Nine of Pentacles: Empower Yourself

Ten of Pentacles: Build Lasting Financial Stability

Page of Pentacles: Bless Your New Business

Knight of Pentacles: Have a Productive Week

Queen of Pentacles: Always Have Cash in Your Pocket

King of Pentacles: Protect Your Money


Hey, this might be kindaa off topic but I just wanted to see if someone maybe had an explanation. I had a dream where I was using the corpus cards, and for some reason the images on the cards started changing, like the star tarot lady started moving and she turned into an angel, and I started shuffling through the deck and all the other cards started moving and taking on a different appearance as well. It was cool

Also in my dream for some reason I thought that sapien was making the cards change.

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The deck may just be teaching you how to interact with it. To use the example from your dream, it seems to me the deck may be telling you that its meanings are contextual as opposed to static. :sparkles:

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