Get real with yourselfs

Too many of you on here are using these videos as some sort of spiritual bypass without doing any of the real work, all you’re doing is mentally coping and you need to reality check yourself. The collective energy on this site just speaks so much bullshit. Too many of you are faking and bullshitting yourselfs. Your shadows are detached and separated from you and you’re completely unaware of the real state of your being. It’s like this border between who you are on the surface versus who you really are deep within. I smell it on a lot of you. Your egos are unchecked and have real unrealistic expectations. Stop using spiritualy as something to cope through life and go look within. This isn’t about coming at anyone. You need truth since you refuse to see it. Your shadows lurk too much on here and it’s sad. If your mental response is to get angry or your ego lunges out in one way or another after reading this there’s your answer. Let the curtains fall.




Not really going to get anyone to listen to you when you approach this topic like this. Telling people to get real and that they’re bullshitting themselves is more of an attack than a wake up call, especially when you lack the kind of rapport to talk to people like that. And inherently you know this as well considering you said you know it’ll get people’s egos angry. If you wrote this to help people, you would tell people what the ‘real work’ that they must do is rather than just tell them that they are all spiritually bypassing and bullshiting themselves.

All that said, I agree that a number of people use audios to feel like they are doing spiritual work without doing ‘the work.’ I have said this quite a number of times and am rather vocal about it. Without the work, you are unlikely to get anywhere no matter what fields you use. Fields are tools at the end of the day.

I don’t think many people are unaware of the real state they are in though. They know what state they are in hence why they are using fields in the first place. Many people are just stuck in situations that they have been trying to fix for a long time. They have put a lot of personal effort as well but keep running into the same inseucrities, same traumas boiling up, same rejection from the world, same pain day in and day out. Fields are one of the many potential remedies they use to stabilize themselves and perhaps even save them.

I know what that’s like. Wanting to be saved. Feeling like I’ve done everything I can to the point that I’ve lost the will to keep fighting. So I can understand why some people look to fields for salvation. All I can say is that, so as long as you’re breathing, you still have fight in you.


I think the issue is lack of direction. Many of us are aimless and just don’t know what to do. I don’t have the answers for every single person here because we are all on different paths and need different things. But I can say this…

If you want direction, it helps tremendously to have an anchor and daily routine.Your anchor is your purpose. Whether that be love, goal you have, connection to divine, ext… Your anchor is what grounds your awareness forward. It is what keeps you alligned in your path. Without that focus, our minds are left to the chaotic elements. Wake up every morning and then: praying to your god or feeling yourself being the person you want to be and living the life you want to live or feeling love for yourself and the universe or connecting to source energy by feeling nonduality, ext…

When you connect to divinity, you connect to your best self. Your path becomes clearer and you know what to do. When you focus on what you hope to achieve as having achieved it, your subconscious mind is given the direction to lean towards and manifest. When you focus on love, your beingness becomes alligned to the present and emits a positive energy that flows in abundance in your life, ext…

Then right after, the daily spiritual routine of either breathwork, yoga, meditation, ext… while focusing on this anchor, strengthens that anchor into your present awareness. It begins to actualize that anchor into your beingness in a way that it remains all throughout the day. And as you do it everyday, the anchor becomes a part of you that naturally guides towards the right direction in life.

Then the cherry on top is fields related to your anchor during this daily practice. This a surefire way to gain direction in life and start grounding yourself to an extent that becomes a natural part of your being.


Yes, this was the same with me. I have always tried my best to improve my situation but the subconscious effort and energy was against me, I thank these fields for improving and expanding my consciousness.


Hey Sammy,
Can you give some pointers of what do you mean by “doing the work” ?
Just to narrow it down a little and understand it better

(I’m trying to understand if your second comment was the “going in detail part”, of having a routine, etc…)

The most important and foundational thing is making the effort to be present and connected to your Higher Self. When following your HS, your individual path becomes clear. Moment by moment, always listening to your innermost voice. This is the key. Self-observation and mantra repetition helped me be able to get to this state of hearing this voice. Of course meditation too, which is an extension of self-observation.

I think Point of No Return and Karma Crucible are the 2 most important fields needed most to overcome this.


To me, “doing the work” is developing a routine or system in order to:

• Gain control over the mind, emotions, body, speech, etc. basically control over yourself
• discard harmful action
• adopt beneficial action (develop virtues)

(Inside and outside)


Well, my efforts towards giving pointers was my second post. Having that anchor+routine is essential to remaining grounded and having a clear path forward. You follow that and you’ll not only know what work needs to be done but know how to get it done and have the capactiy to do so. I can’t tell you exactly what work that is because the work is different for all of us.

But to get more specific… Doing the work may mean directly facing your deepest insecurities and coming to accept them. It could mean forgiving someone or yourself. It could mean exercising and following a healthy diet. It could mean going out to different places to socialize people to improve your social ability and chances of meeting someone special. It could mean working through all the factors that are making you depressed directly and working towards ridding yourself of the limiting beliefs, traumas and whatnot that are making you depressed. If ascension is the goal, then working towards dissolving ego through yoga and meditation. In essence it means, actually putting in the work it takes to improve yourself and achieve the goals you have so that you improve your life.

It means being consistent with it too. Not 'doing the work for a week and then giving up cause you didn’t get the results you wanted right away is not ‘doing the work.’. Doing the work is making the work a habit and letting the results naturally appear through consistent effort. Persistence is the only guaranteed magic there is.


Yes, absolutely. When I was thinking of “the work” my mind immediately went to the spiritual and mental. But it definitely is anything you want to achieve. As a matter of fact, I’ve slowed down on my spiritual work and am focusing on worldly goals mostly at the moment. It’s what I need most right now.

Effort towards goals + fields related to those goals = sure success.

While I don’t agree with the approach of the OP, I agree what he is saying. There should be less reliance on fields as the only way forward.


Thank you!
The second paragraph gave a lot of food for thought🤍


Feel like the importance of this thread is near an announcement level. Alternatively could just be here for whoever is open/ready to read through.


While I agree with the point that many here seem to rely too much on fields, avoiding “the work” isn’t limited to the spiritual sector only, but the norm in general. For others it might be mental masturbation about philosophy, making money or having sex, doesn’t matter.

The avoidance just seems to stick out in an environment like an online forum, that is so tightly focused on fields and spiritual development.

At the end, even in a place like this, you won’t find many people that are actually “doing the work”.

And then, who says you know what “doing the work” actually means (for others)?

You only see what others choose to post here.
Nobody’s sharing every little bit of his journey online.

Maybe they are doing the work and you are uncapable of recognizing it bc of your own restrictions in awareness?

Just some things to consider.


I think that Each One of Us Has a DIFFERENT Work to Do, as in we have a unique set of obstacles, unique experiences, a unique way to understand and to relate to Spirituality, thus Different Paths and Different Works.


I agree with that sentiment of doing the work.
I think it means it is those things you ought to do…that nagging feeling or a sense of urgency or lack. Your heart knows and is fully aware something should be done and it’s your inner guide to face that obstacle. It’s saying it needs to be done in order to find peace


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Finally someone who, says at least some sense here, I also miss is, God as if all here are Godless, but thats no wonder, its not modern, not special enough, not cool enough for all the Narcissism that spread all over the planet like a plague. All use sophisticated empty words without any deep substance. Last not least, God is the one wo“ produces“ Frequencies, anyways the real ones that work. Without God, none of them work really.Those who take too much pride in doing in what they are doing, will see in the end of the days, who has the real power, in all aspects.

We all have our own journey, our own way of doing things, and what works for one may not work for the other. The beauty of it all, is that we can come together here to share ideas and thoughts. We can agree to disagree, at worst lol.


My Friend, No One Denies God (at least the vast majority of us), we just have a different understanding on the Divine.

There are Endless Views on What, Who, Where, How God Is…

In most Organized Religions, whether more Eastern or Western or in any category you want to put them in, they believe in or at least have the notion of God as The Absolute, A Being and/or A Presence, a Spirit if you will, Who Dwells Within All Creation, Within All Nature, Who is Everywhere…

Jesus (according to the official/canonical books of the Bible) taught about God as being “Our (Heavenly) Father”…

Now, he also said “it is not written in your Law: 'I have said you are Gods”…, which is a logical thing, as sons and daughters (expressions/copies/etc.) of The Absolute, we carry That Divine Essence too, so it’s not like we are just dirt, fading one day, No, we are Glorious Beings, my Friend…

Acts 17:28 “for in Him we live and have our being.” - this shows you the Omnipresence and Intimate Presence of God/The Divine within and without… He is Energy, Life, The Universe and Beyond, in/on ALL Levels…


No he said we can become GODlike, likeness to God, which is a fundamental difference. He also said, I (Jesus)) and the father and the holy spirit are one! And no one comes through, to the (holy)Father, except through me, the Son. To become GODlike,that is possible when we become, Angels in this life time on this earth. And that is, hard work, not only on the spiritual,level, but as human, in nature. Many „ are working“ on this, they think meditating and what not,will get them there, but behave as humans on another level, its the deeds or doings/actions of the humans, that tell it all. Then the words, or thoughts, and feelings are each another thing, then then real actions. Then, as he (Jesus) said, look at the deeds, of the fake prophets, they you will recognize who they are. And yes every living being has an (lets say) atom of his spirit, in a part of our heart, without this „atom“ of his holy spirit, we would not exist. It is, our duty (or should be ) to develop this spirit until it becomes so big as our bodies, at least. That can be achieved through, being or get tombe better human beings.

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