Greetings from Denmark

Hello :smiley:
I had my spiritual awakening this summer, after a bad concussion - it has changed my life <3

My concussion symptoms would not go away though, and then I found QI and Sapien Medicine and got more into spirituality/consciousness. In the beginning, I mostly used SM for limiting beliefs and posture/core/booty changes.

This fall I came in contact with a healer, who invited me to Costa Rica in december along with 3 other healers to raise my vibration/consciousness.
In Costa Rica I got sensitive/empathic very fast - could feel others chakra blockages and learned to heal too. I was there for 2 months.
My healing powers are very “mild” though, so I have to raise my consciousness even more. Therefore, I’m now trying to listen to SP more regulary.

For now I work as a aut. clinical dietician and study a master in clinical nutrition - but when I am finished with my master/thesis, I am dreaming of combing spirituality/healing and nutrition. <3

The fields does not always work for me though… This fall it worked wonders, now it depends. Do you have any suggestions to make it work more? Maybe I overdo the listening. I feel sometimes it is very addictive xD

My playlist:

Aura Cleansing x 1
Exorcism Rite x 2
Subconscious Limitied beliefs x 1-2
Ego Dissolution x1
Soul Restoration core x1
Vibration of Creation x1-4 (through the day)
Chakras v2 (all) x1
Grattitude love and appriciation x 1
Love album x 1 (it various)
Grounding x 2

It had already worked a lot on my digestion and fatigue, which is fantastic!

Lack of serotonin:
I still lack production of serotonin release (maybe because of my digestion). I rarely get really happy (minus when i drink)… The neuro serotonin video does not really works for me. Do you have some others suggestion of fields to become more happy? Im not like negative or sad, just in a very neutral mood. In my beginning of the spiritual awakening I was happy all the time.

Okay, this got really long - maybe I should change it to another thread - haha :D
I am glad i found SP and this forum <3

Blessings to you all, love and peace <3


Welcomee :slight_smile:
-Brain regen -Amygdala Fear Release


Okay thank you, I’ll try :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How many times should I listen to the brain regen? Is one time enough? :thinking:


Mmm I just remembered there was a comment explaining how much (but i think its very personal btw depending on current status of the user ) … If i find it i may add it to this comment .

a good approach could be 3 times for a few weeks to get an “healing/enhancing” effect.

Good luck Gita :+1: :grinning:


Welcom @Gita!


Welcome Gita!


Gita! Hello and Welcome :smiley:

If you’d like to drastically increase your healing prowess (and a whole host of other things!) i’d suggest you seriously consider taking the Energy Awakening Course. It’ll give you some incredibly powerful attunements amongst a host of other significant benefits.


Hey @Lawton :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I will consider it, yes… but when I already have vibration of creation, IPF, soul restoration and the chakra audios isnt it a waste?
Doesnt they do the same thing? :thinking:

And thank you akkar and TF-CAD :heart_eyes:

And thanks AkiraTheWild :heart:


Hello Gita! Welcome


You could also try

  1. The inner alchemical crucible
  2. Emotional Release
  3. Hope & Happiness
  4. Belly full of Laughter
  5. Regain your innocence
  6. Become Whole

And if I may ask…what is SP


Thank you @archer30, I have already tried them all beside become whole. But maybe i’m not consistent enough. :thinking: should the effect be instant?

And i meant SM not SP haha :see_no_evil: :two_hearts:


Try the bcom Whole one.

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SP…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:…it’s ok

Welcome @Gita Pleasure to have you join us :slight_smile:

Couple of things to increase serotonin…

Increase your microbiome diversity. (Get probiotics of varying cultures).

Take omega, vitamin b6, magnesium and tryptophan supplements. Either through foods that contain these or pills that do. 5 htp once or twice a week as well.

Small things…like getting exercise and sunlight help increase serotonin.

But mainly your microbiome diversity and those supplements will help grant your body more of the necessary elements to produce serotonin. More often than not, if we aren’t producing enough serotonin, its due to lack of means to produce it.

Then, when you listen to serotonin from the neuro album, it will have a much more palpable effect.

Feeling good would then not be too difficult for you. Listening to audios like love, grattitude, appreciation or our live meditation audio or the stack that @archer30 shared would produce a good enough feeling with you (serotonin coming into play). Or just in living life and enjoying the moment, you can find it easier to smile!

Won’t happen right away but it’s a start.


Thank u…for the acknowledgement…truly grateful…means loads …coming from you…

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Mstate Gold does enhance neurotransmitter production.


@archer30 - Waoo become whole does something yes, my whole body is SO hot right now… I apparently really needed that audio… xD Thanks :heart:

@SammyG Thank you very much for the advice! I actually already take all the supplements you mention. But yes of course exercise always helps, But yeah i think my microbiome is a little tired. been allergic to gluten and milk for 7 years… due to too much stress and a fungus infection, my gut is not in the best condition. I feel like i have tried it all, like good nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, supplements ect.

But the last days with the soul restoration and vibration video have really helped instantly on my digestion :heart_eyes: i’m really greatfull :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .


I have recently understood the importance of becoming whole. All cases of radical remmissions and healings occur in this state of existence.

It is a highly undervalued field…
Once we become Whole…we need nothing else…as we can tap into the field.

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Hey Gita,

I’ve had very similar health issues to you regarding fungus, etc. In addition to the other suggestions, try these fields:

Acetylcholine production
Fungus Destroyer
Parasite Destroyer

You may find you have a die-off reaction so take it slow and work your way up in listening. Hopefully this makes a difference for you like it did for me :blush:


@SoSeckSee Thank you!! Already tried the fungus destroyer some days ago, I had a crazy reaction to it the first times I heard it (in a good way also)… I will try with the other fields too.

In addition to to the energy awakening course, I think i will wait maybe 2 weeks before buying it, want to try all your suggestions first <3

You have been really helpfull y’all - your are angels from above :heart: