Guidance on listening to course's audios if they are too much

Purchased the course few days ago and I listened to body primer 2 days then did 2 days break, then listened to energy sensitivity for once yesterday and I am knocked down (high anxiety levels, migraine, tired, overwhelmed).

I don’t listen to anything else.

The first day of body primer I felt sick in general and I had some fever like symptoms for 5-10 minutes but went away. The second day I was a zombie, brain fog, decided to skip day 3 and go into the two days break. During the two days break I was feeling anxiety levels have risen.

Yesterday I listened to energy sensitivity audio, a migraine was developing since the two days break and after the audio it just fully developed and 24 hours later the migraine is still on. I am not going to listen to anything else until I am fully back.

When I am back…, any idea how should I approach this? Start from beginning and listen one day with two days break each? Listen half the time of the audios? Maybe listen something else first to prepare? Or…?

Use the grounding audio and the emotional release one at the end.

You know the course/videos and pdfs have instructions

Also if you click on the Course Category youll find all the posts related to it, and find more answers.


Thank you @Lunamoon22. I will.

I understand why listening to the grounding audio will be beneficial but will emotional release not be extra burden?

No, emotional release helps you transmute the emotional turmoil the fields bring when pushing them to the surface.

It helps you processing and releasing them from your system in a gentle way