Guided Journey Live: Energy Clearing & Expansion (11/4 @ 3 PM EST)

Never mind about being normal, now that we’ve entered the Twerkimension.

(I’m out for the night, bye :grin:)


hey, thats me!


Thank you Sammy and Dream, it was really incredible The world feels like a good place now. :clap:


My first live event, been using audios for a while. Lots of heart work this week so there was so much ready to release. Much love to Sammy, Dreamweaver and all of you for inviting me to twerk along with you. :kissing_heart:


Thank you Sammy and captain for creating this event. I was stunned by the beginning with a sandman like clip. It is not solid, and it is just an accumulation of dusts that form a shape of man. Its body movement with these flowing particles make the image artistic. I enjoyed it a lot.

The most striking part is when the old man climbed up the hill to reach the source/origin/light? I don’t know how many lives have we tried to find the path to return there, and this part moves me so greatly. Based on history, 99% of zen practisers died or lost in the way or became demons (due to false belief) of climbing this invisible ladder…

Thank you for the effort to create these video and audio. It is a very high standard movie! It gives equal opportunity to beginners or advancers on receiving the field benefits no matter you can calm down your noisy mind or not


This was so amazing & beautiful. What an epic day! Thank you so much SammyG, Sapien/Dream!
God Bless everyone. (PrincessAK)


Thank you Sammy and Dream for a great experience: A beautiful journey of Oneness, Beingness and Wholeness

I loved the vibe: Swaying to the music at 2am does wonders

Today morning, a big block to a personal predicament was removed

All on it’s own.

Are any of the fields played during the event, being offered for sale?


Hi-jacking but… if some of you would like to continue on the powerful collective experience.

A reminder that Mass Meditations are happening every weekend :sparkling_heart:

If you’d like to join our Discord to share you experiences with like-minded people and hop on spontaneous synchro meditations during weekdays, please DM me or @Divine_Lotus for the invite :slight_smile:


Thank you, thank you, thank you @SammyG and @Dreamweaver!!! It was my first live guided journey with SapMed fam, and it made me feel excited, elevated, cleansed, expanded all at once! It’s beyond words to describe how music was dancing all the way in me and through me, how the state of my being changed multiple times, making me vibe in the flow with EVERYTHING and LIFE itself. Awesomeness of the music was multiplied hundredfold by the crazy cool visuals and Sammy’s guided narrative. It was absolutely worth it chair twerking from 3 to 5 am here! LOVE you guys! Please, more! :crazy_face:


Hi again, SammyG & everyone!

I just logged into my SoundWeave account, and I’m able to replay this session video. Is this normal / okay?

I watched it again today, and it was super powerful. (Different from yesterday, but still! ) I had to lie down for an hour afterward. ^0^

Please let me know if anyone else got to see the recorded replay as well. Thank you everyone! Xoxo


Hmm… I just logged in and don’t see the event page.

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yes replay is for a day or two after

But i removed them both in case anybody buys it.
(cause those events are done )


Coming in late as usual to write the review.

Lemme say right of the bat, the event was so fullfilling on so many levels, words as usual fail, but I will do my best to describe some highlights that I can still recall.

This is my first live guided meditation event, when I came I expected it to be waiting for everyone to show up, then doing it and some time left possibly for sharing of the experiences.

Sammy had technical difficulties and although no one minded it, it was obvious how bad he feels about it, his vibe was a bit off and it took some time to get it all started and sorted out. Some people had connectivity issues so it was nice that while sammy was handling his side of things, members kept sharing positive vibes and playing around.

Captain also spiced everything up with his easy going messages, just foolin around (no negative connotation, big respect for you both :hugs:)

Even now, just recalling the whole event brings me to tears as I write this, but lets get to the “main part”.

As we started finally, the mix of house/techno music, the visuals, the narrative Sammy started and was building upon, fields doing the thing, participants engaging and commenting how they are feeling in the moment, every thing was such a finely refined blend that I got taken into transce state and switching from dancing to sitting and allowing myself to be taken for a ride like no other.

Sammy`s voice is ASMR embodied, on part 1 of the journey, he guided us towards our weaknesses/limiting beliefs and in general all things that we perceive as bad, the amount of tears I shed that night I dont believe I had ever in my life, the tempo was perfect, giving us enough time to process how we feel, not overloading us with his voice and giving us needed space to freeflow this.

I didnt spend majority of time on the visuals tbh, however whenever I did look at them, they were perfectly portraying the current phase of the journey, the downs/ups etc.

I think the guided meditation part lasted for about a bit over an hour, in that time, visuals just kept changing, progressing, growing and not once did I notice a visual being re-used later on.

Again, thank you for putting in so much work into this in order to make it THE BEST and making it as affordable as u did.

I experienced big emotional releases, finally came to terms with accepting my true life path and all the “sacrifices it entails”, learning to let go of Ego patterns that just dont serve my highest good.

As some members can recall, at one point while he is guiding us towards infinity taking the good and bad of life with us, I reported seeing myself walking side by side with my younger selves from phases of life that I felt suffered the most up until now.

Now in order to not make this wall of text any longer than it has to be, let me share some quotes from the journey I felt like I had to write down in the moment as Sammy said them:

If your mind could do anything what would you do?
What would you explore?

Maybe we are infinity, expanding now and forever, expand your mind.
The only way to know infinity is to know nothing.

I may know nothing, but I know for the time being I am me, I am here, I am capable of doing great things.

There will always be bad things in the world, shadow selves, triggers,etc but I believe we can choerograph the dance with them.

To dance with the good and bad we have to become the force as a whole, otherwise u will be fighitng forever.

Become the light and love and spread it to others, become the change that you want to be.

Some quotes are a bit dilluted/changed, cuz I was writting in the moment and had to write fast so I can return to the meditation.

Amongst other lessons, one was to embrace our flaws, imperfections as it can be seen from above quotes, and I feel Sammy having technical difficulties at beginning, then NAILING IT, really enriched this whole experience.

I am aware that other members were a lot more active in the chat with Captain, but I missed most of it, being in trance as I was…

So, in case future events arent going as smoothly as u want them to be, @SammyG pls keep that beautifuful smile on your face and dont sweat the small stuff.

It wouldnt have felt so satisfying if it all worked from the get-go.

I hope this wall of text did some justice for how much u have given us that night and advanced us on our journeys :sparkling_heart:


Hi Captain_Nemo! Thank you for clarifying and noted. (The replay is no longer available)

A HUGE thank you to you and your team once again for this Guided Journey! (Right during this amazing, transformative Eclipse season - how perfect! )

We’re so blessed to have you. :pray::pray::pray:

Yep, no longer available. But it was up yesterday, and I was lucky enough to watch it again. :)

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Thank you @SammyG you created an awesome audio visual experience!!! :clap:
Thank you for the exceptional graphics!!! I could tell that you had put a lot of work into selecting them. I loved your choices of when to play them. In fact everything was so perfectly timed! I loved how the words that you spoke were so well timed to blend in with the lyrics and at other times to blend in with the beat or with the visuals.

I wasn’t able to join in during the live broadcast. My internet speed as extremely slow causing the video to keep freezing. However I did have fun reading everyone’s comments and could tell everyone was having the time of their lives! Dream as always was so funny and brought such awesome energy to the party!!! Thank you for being so awesome @Dreamweaver!

It was only after you had said your final goodbye Sammy and just before I was about to log off that I noticed that the feed was clear and steady and it was then that I realised that you were now playing the recording of the live event. To say that I was ecstatic and over the moon would be a huge understatement. It had just gone midnight on my side of the pond and there I was in my little bedroom yelling Yes! Yes! while at the same time fist pumping the air, filled with immense joy that I could now relive the entire event!!!

They say that everything happens for a reason and this is so true. I was meant to have video and audio issues and only be able to read the comments…why you may ask?..because in the recording the comments are not shown so it’s a good thing I got to read and enjoy them beforehand. I replayed the recording twice the following day. Each time I played it I took in more and at the same time released more. I know this because each time you triggered and brought the emotions to the surface they didn’t hold as much charge as they had in the previous round. Your word choices didn’t just clear and release emotions they also caused me to awaken and remember what I already knew but had chosen to forget. This mainly happened afterwards and over the weekend. I was guided to watch a video the following day and everything that you said in the live event was mentioned in this video the word choices you used the works. I remember just sitting there taking it all in and at the same time being in total awe. Usually I would have said something along the lines of “oh wow what a coincidence” but these days I know there are no coincidences. Even today as I was driving to go visit my mom I kept going over what you had said and what the guest in the other video had said and how everything was becoming more “clearer” and making more sense.

We sometimes limit ourselves by what we think words mean. I say we but I mainly mean me. For example the title of the journey was “Energy clearing and Expansion” and to me I was envisioning that I would (and I did) clear out limiting beliefs and blockages and expand my energy field. But I didn’t just clear out blockages and limiting beliefs I also cleared the way for more knowledge, I cleared up misunderstandings, I cleared so much more. I also didn’t just expand my energy field I also expanded my knowledge. Okay I am going to stop now because I just realised that when you get all these aha moments and everything comes together and you see the bigger picture it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be to put it into words but I think you get the gist of why I am trying to say. :grin:

Oh I forgot to mention “Malo Okoma” the African song was my favourite! :heart_eyes:


This is the video I watched the following day that I found to be so fascinating. The video isn’t all about him remembering his past lives it also explains life, all the different dimensions, why what is taking place right now in the world is meant to take place


I’m still deeply relaxed since this event. there were a few situations in which I would have been annoyed before. but there is no anger. Thank you very much


Was lovely to read all your experiences. Glad you all got something from it :slight_smile: I enjoyed doing this very, very much and look forward to doing it again. I feel like I leveled up from doing this myself.

Obviously, will do other things too. Can’t stay doing the same thing all the time.


My personal opinion:

I listened to this and 6 other videos of his (Matías De Stefano) while looping the Higher Self NFT audio in the background and the De-Inhabitor Combo from another device.

I believe this guy is either a scammer and or a completely delusional system agent.
A typical new age recruiter.
While a lot of what he says sounds plausible at first, most of it is a mix of mainstream esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical mumbo jumbo thrown together with many negative suggestions (victim and defeatism mindset etc.).
A lot of spiritual fluff talk and very poor generalized theories that cannot explain most of the stuff happening around us.
He also does a lot of propaganda for re-incarnation and coming back to earth as a servant.
A typical brainwashed new age lightworker slave.
Do not get fooled by his calm nice voice.
This dude has a lot of red flags.
He is even worshipping the Anunnaki at some point.

Also, also:
It is exactly souls like these who try to repeat the same iteration of the previous universe simulation in this one again.
Like trying to replay the game that already has been played in the exact same manner again.
But the third Matrix movie is called “Matrix Revolutions” for a reason.
This guy doesn’t get it.
He is a conformist and a reactor.
Not a free soul and manifestor.