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Just a quick question on the audios Sammy if you get a chance to answer.
I haven’t had a chance or the energy to start the active work yet.

How well would the 13 audios work if used while sleeping? I know they are not designed for this but it was just a thought I had because they are fielded. Sort of like listening to subliminals during sleep. I’m just thinking about the days we may not find the time for the mirror affirmations and so on, would it be a good idea to work with them during sleep on the days we may not be able to do the active work?


Umm, I wouls suggest just acceptance +resilience and self love + confidence looping at night if you want to do that.


I will keep the Guided Path on sale until 2.0 version releases. 2.0 will include extra content, instructional video, audiobook, fixes and edits, and more. (Those that purchase now still get 2.0 updates)

1.5 will be releasing soon with a few updates.

Those that are walking the path don’t have to change anything or wait. Just keep on keeping on. I’ll keep you all on the loop.

And remember, any feedback will be helpful. Thanks!


Hi @SammyG - Are all the original audio fields, meditations, and affirmations getting upgraded as well?

Hmm, I’m not sure. Depends if there are errors in amy of the audios or meditations I need to edit.

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@SammyG just for curiosity… what about the including of the SLR 3 0 on the Guided path to Wholeness? you said something about combine it along with some of the fields or something related with that, I can’t recall…

and… where I can find the updates? there’s a different link?

Hasnt been releases yet. And for now, just using slr 3 before doing practices is more than enough to add it to the process.

Got it!

it wasn’t necessarily about the 3.0 itself, hmmm… I’m trigger to know about the update that you mentioned, previously.

So about last night. I believe it was my higher self guiding me through an experience.

I was experiencing something similar to my dreadful November (The worst birthday I’ve ever had lol), yet this time I felt more inclined to operate from a holistic standpoint and be grounded in unconditional love for myself and my surroundings, as well as the confidence to remain strong and realize that I have the power.

Instead of relinquishing that power by absorbing fear, I began meditating, taking away the sting of the entity. I sent a forceful push of confidence toward the enemy and created an energy-dissolving forcefield to block out the psychic attack.

After realizing that I’m no longer “at war” with said being because I hold the power, I then began affirming myself while meditating on Confidence and Self Love from the course, followed by going to sleep with 0 fear.

I am someone who was attacked with fear since I was a toddler, literal spirits would try to fill me with fear by running down the hallways, tapping onto objects, etc. and I’d always be susceptible to that emotion. Clairaudience was not always in my favor.

But from this November and on, I told myself I’d never, ever, run or be afraid again. I even stopped wearing my shield, to let myself stand on business when the time demands it. To not run from the confrontation if you will.

Needless to say, the time came, and fear was the least of my worries. I dismantled it and this audio gave me assistance along with malleable ego, to choose fight and not flight. I didn’t run to a shield.


The 1.5 update will just be all part of the 2.0 update. Just letting you guys know. And as I’ve said before, the updates are additions but aren’t necessary to continue. So keep flowing as is and pushing through. Much love to you all.