Halloween Time - Real Spooky/Paranormal Stories/Experiences

Let’s post some real stories - yours, others, including from youtube or social media, stories you have heard or simply spooky or paranormal experiences.

I’ll start with two real experiences that I and my brother had;

  1. I think that I mentioned this already - when I was a kid I woke up one night floating above my bed towards a dark entity, it was huge and scary and I was in luck that my mom (I was like 5 years old, usually slept with my mom, sometimes with my dad, rarely alone) was starting to wake up from her dream and then I experienced being put back in my bed and that being dissapeared; both my parents had the same dream/nightmare, that someone was trying to get me, which was really strange; for a while, idk how many nights, I could not sleep, I was in terror/scared and to be honest one night when I was sleeping in the same bed with my dad, I saw some strange events on the wall - it looked like dark figures dancing or jumping and there was like fire or something; I eventually got over that thanks to an old priest - he did something, a ritual perhaps and I was not scared anymore.
    Apparently I told my parents that it was a wolf that I saw.

  2. Same house - years before I was born, my brother slept in another room than my parents and he experienced something terrifying, suddenly, at night, he heard something like a huge animal crushing something in the yard, he said that it sounded like glass.
    I should mention that other paranormal events happened in or around that house - some nights the dog (which was a german shepherd) was crying in fear in his cage and the pigs were suddenly agitated and they started squealing, so whatever it was it was affecting the animals as well.
    I won’t go into more details regarding such experiences.


All my spooky experiences have been during sleep paralysis from seeing dark things to hearing growls. But one thing I noticed consistently is that sleep paralysis during day time is far intense than in nights.


It could have been that, I don’t know, but how about the other events, like both my parents having the same dream? And as I said all sorts of things happened in the yard and both my parents experienced some strange events and they were awake.


Common dreams may be some sort of premonition, on youtube I have come across videos of couple seeing same type of things during sleep paralysis.

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I thought this was very good. Or scary, interesting, etc, not “good” per se.


Well, idk, but why would strange things happen when they/we were awake?
I heard an object being smashed near us, it was a barrel, 3-4 meters from us, it was a huge blow like something hit the barrel. I was with my father in the yard and there was no logical explanation.

@Kalacakra, didn’t know about that part with common dreams, thanks for sharing.
I have no idea what these events were, I personally think they were supernatural, but who knows.

You know I’m gonna watch that, :eyes: a little later.
Thank you, @Atreides.

Edit: I wrote about that barrel, well, my English is not perfect, so I would like to clarify that it wasnt smashed into pieces, but an unexplained sound, like something hit the barrel, but it was a huge blow.
My father was smoking - many times he smoked at night and suddenly baam, no explanation.
He told me that it’s alright, it’s nothing, yet he seemed worried a little bit.


I don’t know for sure, I think it could be the case. One thing I have noticed is people’s background religious or culture plays a key role. I think people can believe and open a portal for these things to come visit them and also kids are paranormal magnets. Kids talking to imaginary friends is something I would worry for sure.

My recommendations for paranormal YT channels - Nukes Top 5, Bizzare Bub and Chills (chills though have a lot of fake content but some good ones as well)


Yep. I read about exorcisms being needed usually where folks believe in demonic possession, so culture and religious beliefs play a role.

Interesting idea with the portal; kids are indeed unfortunately magnets for paranormal.

Thanks for the recommendations. :+1:

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IF you watch this, I promise that you will see and hear interesting things (the exceptions could be one or two of them, I don’t think they are supernatural, yet the Majority = GOOSEBUMPS); again, they could be pretty elaborate hoaxes, yet I don’t think so…

Watch ALL clips and be the Judge;

What do you guys think about these clips from this compilation?
Are they fake or not?
Are some of these actual skinwalkers?

  • Yes, they all look authentic.
  • No, they are all fake.
  • Some of them are real/authentic.

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I sadly don’t have any ghost stories but a friend of mine does.

He was living in the town proper about 20 minutes away from me and he was renting a house that was absolutely haunted.

Drawers would open and shut. His partner was there alone one day and he felt someone - and he said several times you know the difference between a breeze and when someone touches you- he felt someone caress the back of his neck.

The house was situated in between not one but two graveyards and still is today.

One night the activity was so strong that my friend ran out of the house in his ”tightie whities” as he described it (he’s awesome), was locked out and had to stay in a bed and breakfast down the street until daylight. He never actually told us how he got back into the house the next day but I’m sure one thing led to another.

Happy Halloween everyone. Ive been doing a lot of baking and I’m excited for them trick or treaters.

Have a great time out there …



Happy Halloween, @Jen! :ghost:
That’s a Great story or rather experience (or not so great - to those who experience such things; I have not had anything strange in a while, I’m gonna loop Captain’s fields :sweat_smile: - to make sure nothing strange ever goes on in my life)!

They’re gonna love it! :jack_o_lantern:


For your enjoyment on this holiday night. Cheers.


@atreides,Cheers! :beers::jack_o_lantern:
Thanks for the video.

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Watch the first case, OMG!
(narration is in Romanian, btw)

Just saying, if anyone wants to volunteer a scary skinwalker location, a good camera for recording, a bag of shrooms, and travel expenses, I’ll go summon the creature with minimal protection (my sword/athame) and introduce myself.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. I’m always down to make some new friends!

You can come too, but only if there’s no screaming and running away, and you’re on whatever I’m on. You get what you put into these situations. If you started jittering and acting like Borat after spotting a Jew, I’d run you off too. :grin:




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I have one that happened recently. A few weeks ago.

My sister and my dad were out walking the dog around the neighborhood at night, and a shadow person stepped out of the woods to watch them. She saw it and so did the dog, because he started freaking out, but dad didn’t see it. They kept walking and it started following along. After a few minutes of this my sister turned to it and told it to leave, threatening it with an “energy blast” if it kept bothering them. And it left.

Later that night both my dad and sister felt sick from the encounter, even though he hadn’t seen it. I printed out some Michael mandalas and took them over, and we went to a shop and bought a bunch of rocks to help fortify the house. She also got some stuff for smudging as well. Everyone in the house has a mandala and a black jade stone now. But the problem is the thing didn’t show up at the house. It lives down the street. :woozy_face:

My dad says he saw “something” the next night he went out with the dog, but that’s it. My sister does not join him on that walk anymore lol. He also takes a staff with him along with his Michael mandala.

I went on the route with her in the day time a week ago. We didn’t see anything unusual, but the area where she said it appeared seem to radiate sadness to me.

That’s all. Hopefully it continues to leave us alone. But I haven’t been without my mandala, black jade, and black tourmaline since!


i’m waking this thread up so please share your interesting stories about mystical, paranormal encounters you have had :p

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after a long time I saw some black thing when I was taking a power nap in day time. I opened my eyes and I saw a black hand being quickly pulled away from my view.

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(just a random sort of thought and fear)
I wondered, just like others before me, if someone was to gather data about this community and reading our posts, what would they believe about us?
How about if they were to make a mini documentary or whatever type of review?

I can swear that I’ve had these strange experiences which I have mentioned in this thread and elsewhere, but how believable are they, really (?)…

Anyway, on the other hand, the biggest thing would be Morphic Fields, Energy Healing and even all our testimonies and experiences, they would probably focus on those.

Edit: now I’ll get back to the topic.

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