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May everyone have a fun, lovely, happy Halloween!

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Let me tell you a true story (at least according to those who told me, who also told this to my parents; I am honest with you, the readers - I do not know how accurate these stories are, if they are true or not, but those who told me, they swear that it’s the truth)…

Long ago (not a century ago, but way more than 50 years ago), somewhere in Transylvania (I don’t even know the location, tbh, I forgot), one night, 2 shepherds saw something unnatural: as they slept in a field, taking care of their sheep, suddenly a donkey which was walking on 2 feet appeared (the 2 shepherds were dumbfounded, frozen in disbelief and probably quite scared, so they just watched) and the creature didn’t do anything to them, but started dancing with the sheep, it would take one sheep and dance with it, then the next, and so on, for quite a while; it didn’t paid them any attention, fortunately for them; in the morning or rather somewhere/sometime close to sunrise, it went away.

The creature didn’t harm anyone, not even the sheep; what’s interesting is that the dogs didn’t attack it, which shows that they were scared of it too.

In Romania, There are all sorts of old and sometimes even new or actual stories, regarding all sorts of beings, including Iele, Zâne, Pricolici, Strigoi, Vârcolaci And Many other strange beings or sightings, including UFOs and Haunted forests (Hoia Baciu Forest) and other places.


Mom made spooky chocolate spider for the kids will pass by our place :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Man that looks so good :drooling_face:


Happy Halloween, Everyone.

Footage from Hoia Baciu Forest, showing apoarently some Supernatural Sightings:


Those are for the kiddos, I will not eat them, but she made for me aswell without spider texture but with extra Ruhm :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:



Happy Halloween everyone! :jack_o_lantern::ghost:🧟‍♂

I originally posted it in the music thread because i didn’t know we had a Halloween one been made. I’ve move it here anyways, so I’ll delete the other.

I love halloween… it’s always been my favourite time of year. Wish it was bigger and longer like Christmas lol


Happy Halloween!! :jack_o_lantern: :ghost: 🧌


Blood moon i took two days ago. Happy Halloween


That’s the ones from The Strain, that was a cool TV show at first.

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Just watched a trailer and a no Spoilers review - it seems to be an interesting series.

The idea of the virus could be a hit or miss for me, but I want to see how the show presents those Strigoi creatures. :grinning:

In the Romanian Floklore, they are quite ambiguous, and of course there are the Dead Strigoi and the Alive Ones.

Anyway, I’m Glad to see Hollywood Explores Darkness more In-Depth, even if adapted for more modern audiances, with certain Hollywoodesque elements added.

There are SO MANY Countries, Cultures and Folk Stories which still have remained unexplored or barely explored by modern Media.


Ere @SoulStar33 look… check this out!

The Pink Panther meets Dracula at his castle in Transylvania. I honestly cant stop laughing at Dracula’s failed attempts to bite him and whenever he makes that sound; “Blahh!.. blah blah blahh!”

There’s also a ghost or this invisible ‘thing’ roaming around the castle with boots (that you can see) on that keeps stalking or sneaking up on him (Pink Panther) to kick him up the ass.

In the the thumbnail of the video, I don’t know what that ‘orange monsters’ is.

It’s fricking weird man but funny.


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It was cool, particularly the beginnings, maybe season 1. But I feel it got progressively worse unfortunately

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Imagine if a bunch of real witches actually tried taking over using mass hypnosis on everyone :fearful:

Although in the Disney movie (Hocus Pocus), the three witches need to harvest the souls of children so they can stay young and live forever. Still quite disturbing to say it’s a kids movie but still a great Halloween movie overall.

Her voice would hypnotises me that’s for sure lol

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Still one of if not My FAVORITE Halloween Movie (at least in the Witches genre/subgenre) - Damn, I Love Pretty Much ANYTHING About That Movie.

Also, there’s a Grimm Brothers movie that I Really Liked, forgot the title.
(it’s The Brothers Grimm from 2005)

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Happy Halloween!


@SoulStar33 Yeah me too! It also gives off a nostalgic feel, so it feels even better when you watch it again after a long time. I think it’s aged well to be honest.

Do you remember that Halloween party scene in the film, where the witches are actually putting a spell on all the guests that are there but everyone thinks it’s a prank that just leads to a live act performance?

I thought it was a great scene…

By the way, what did you think to that comedy cartoon (Dracula) clip I tagged you in around Halloween? It starts around the 3:19 mark and then throughout the whole video to the end. Didn’t you find it funny? lol

@JAAJ I wouldn’t really imagine witches to be hideous looking in a realistic sense like they’re portrayed in general. I think they’d look casual or maybe even beautiful, and act more like the witches in that movie ‘The Craft’.

I’d say she was quite scary as well when she turned dark on that guy (Chris)…

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