Hello all from Bali!

Hello guys, I am new here!
I am from Bali, Indonesia. Hence the name Barong!

Unknowingly I already post some stuff on other genres before this due to my excitement for result of my mother’s cancer (on anti cancer post), despite listening on and off due to unstable signals, thankfully there are good progress :slight_smile:

pardon my ignorance and grammar mistake, gratitude to you all !! :pray:t2::innocent:


Welcome to the forum, resident of a very beautiful country! I’m glad to hear about your mother’s progress. Don’t worry about grammar mistakes - we have people from all over the world and not everyone writes perfectly. Does it matter as long as people understand you?



Hi, barong.
I am happy and grateful about your mother’s progress.




Welcome to the forum


Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it🙏🏻
She is progressing a bit slow, but progress is progress, thanks!

That sounds cool, there are various people from all over the world? It means there are various topics can be discussed, lot of potentials! I greet people from all the world here! :raised_hands:t2:


Hi Ms, thanks for the greeting and the prayers!:pray:t2:

I hope my post there can be inspiring! It was a hella of a journey for me personally :slight_smile: :innocent::pray:t2:


Thank you for kind welcome!:innocent::hugs:

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Thank you sir/miss! :pray:t2:
Oh, by the way if I may ask, what is that?

Is that Sapien Med fields?
Portal sounds cool! Teleportation fields?


Yes it is one of the saoien medicine YouTube channels

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I see, so it is trustworthy, thanka for telling me, I was ignorant of it!

I’m keeping guard for morphic fields as recently, so many YouTube channel popped up and used word “morphic fields” as if… it is on par with Sapien Med’s caliber😅

There are new dudes on particular subliminal channel that called Sapien med methods… schizo. I was like wtf is this channel, disrespectful.:sweat_smile:


The Captain dream himself said he coined this term by Rupert Sheldrake’s Research and then many copycats used the term on YouTube


Hello Barong, happy to have you here in our community. I also recently joined this forum.
I’m thinking of going to Bali in June but I heard about the extreme tourism there and am contemplating whether I should go or not. I don’t want to add to the crazy tourism if it ends up bothering locals. But I’m a very conscious traveler and usually respect the local culture and nature. So maybe I will end up coming to visit your beautiful country.
Wish you all the best for the recovery of your mum.

Cheers, Siria

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Altough I am not a physic expert, but I get the gist of morphic fields. I do agree, it is mindblowing to be able even achieve morphic field, then fielded it into an object/audios, really, my limited mind need couple hours to digest it and couple days to accept it as my conviction !!! :dizzy_face:

What infuriate me is that some of those “copycats” dare to call Sapien and co. morphic field as “Buddhist schizo” and not scientific, this subliminal creator person goes to saying to read an essay about how scientific morphic field is and how that of sapien… is schizo. :frowning:

What a way to discard sapien and co long time coined terms and “propel the good image” toward themselves.

Sorry, I dont wanna start a war, I just feel strong disagreements when Sapiens work that helped me a lot get discredited.:pray:t2: I am not mean to be uncivilized in this forum​:pray:t2:

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Hello Siria, thank you for kind welcome and prayer, I appreciate it! :pray:t2:

Oh no, please come! Balinese is still and would love to accept civilized and curious foreigners like you! this is a fact, moreover, local economy is running (mostly) and driven by tourism! Beauty of mutualism!:slight_smile:

The issues was just that “some individulas” (ofc tourists)have this humans behaviour that a bit trashy which is rooted in very disrespectful attitude toward Balinese culture and sacred places. It is not just foreigner, it also came from domestic tourist. Some even became arrogant and narcissistic, having this sense of false supremacy where they break basic law like using helmet, driving safely etc. These criteria is what made the Balinese and officials became wary. :sweat_smile:

If you are contemplating, chances are you don’t even fit criteria, because I think most people in said criteria doesnt have capability to contemplate even for a moment.

I believe you wouldnt do such thing either, so what else? There is nothing stopping you to explore Bali!:raised_hands:t2:

I would glad to gave you some tips also! :hugs:

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