Hello there!

I’m really glad to be here. Thank you Sapien for everything that you do. I had a psychotic break last march and an angelic working I did to help me lead me to you. Hahaha. You are literally heavensent to me. :joy:


Awesome - we are glad you are here!
angel good-morning-beautiful


Welcome to this amazing forum



Can you elaborate, even a little bit?
(only if you want/can)

I wish You a Wonderful Time Around Here.


Thank you for the warm welcome everyone. :)


Haha sure. I’ve been doing some extreme sorcery practices, and I have some pretty heavy imbalances that kind of doesn’t work well with doing those. Mainly CPTSD and OSDD, so I stopped, but not without consequence. I was using extreme energy work to basically force myself back together - like creating a magnetizing force so my psyche won’t “fragment” and when I stopped I basically reversed that.

When I had my psychotic break I had multilayered visions of lifetimes, some parallel to mine, others in other times, and I even saw myself as a character in one of the vedas :joy: :sweat_smile: I saw the war they fought and how it’s still ongoing. I also broke through into quantum consciousness, where I could predict what would happen a few hours into my future, and also kind of influence my past, (even electrocuted myself once cause I could feel this current of linear time running through my body as an electric charge haha) and I started to feel the “lines of the world” and they felt like they were trying to force me to move to places in this energetic realm of reality. I would feel people’s thoughts, emotions, and intentions move through me like bolts of energies and I always felt like I would be at the verge of exploding. lol. Spirits would also talk to me, and I felt something like a literal community of spirits inside of my head (somewhere near the tip of my brainstem, which is like the unconscious and I feel like it’s connected to some unconscious network and I became aware of that haha) and they would all talk to each other, and there was also this strange layer of reality that I couldn’t quite perceive that I feel like they’re a part of. I felt like I was in some sort of reality tv-esque type of awareness, like the Truman Show, but my “fans” (LOL) are on another dimension ahha

It’s basically kind of like a 100x overdose of Salvia but instead of moving to a different world, I moved to a different layer of perceiving reality. I also sensed that I had some sort of weird ailment in my abdomen (I had IBS) and I felt paranoid that I’m about to die, etc.

To calm myself down, I did a working with the Angel Overlord, Aremotiel who imbues the quality of peace, from one of the modern grimoires. It is said that they can offer miraculous solutions to problems, and they did deliver. I heard that name whispered to me beforehand too, so I just followed that. I think right after I did the working, I was looking up rife frequencies and I ended up finding Sapien Medicine’s channel for removing entities. Hahaha. I listened to that on repeat, had some seizures and I felt better. :joy:


Quite a journey my dear. The group of beings talking to each other reminded me of Napoleon Hill’s mastermind group when they basically started acting spontaneously, much to the surprise of Napoleon (and to you, I am sure). Even gladder now that you have found this little haven in the woods of consciousness. You are safe here. And - we have shields!
Good Luck Pirate


Indeed. :joy: And LOL I get that. I’m actually a writer, so it makes sense that I have a “ton” of spirits in my unconscious. I used to channel a lot of my stories - words just flew out of me and I really related to how Plato described poetic madness, I felt like I was just taking dictations from the “muses” and the deeper I would go into those trance states, the more I felt like I could actually enter those worlds that I write. It’s kind of like reality shifting, but I’m wide awake and aware of two bodies basically. :sweat_smile: I haven’t “channeled” stories like that for months now and I’ve started to use protections when I’m writing. It’s kind of highly addicting though. I feel like I’m using some natural opioid resources inside my own body or something. :rofl:

I’m very glad to be here, and YES for the shields. I use them often on top of my own protection rituals.


Welcome :green_heart:.

Natural opiiods and though forms. Intrigiung.

Have fun on the forum :wink:


Wow. :grimacing:

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