Hellooo everyone

Hi everyone, I discovered this a couple days ago and it’s incredible.

I am french, but I am good in english so I can talk to everyone with ease :)

I read a lot to try undrestand, but I have to say it’s a bit overwhelming. I read the faqs a couple of times and topics such as “how to make a great stack” and it helped me a lot.

I come here because I want to live a better life, I am shy, and I want to have more fun and enjoying my time when around people.
I want to meet women, have more charisma.
I also want to gain flexibility in my body and to heal what needs to be healed

So far I have a stack which is composed of :

  • Uplifter * 2
  • 2 primers : “Ego dissolution” and " Subconscious Limits"
  • A booster : “Quasi Crystal From Khatyrka Meteorite”
  • my audios : “Amygdala Healing” + “depression Begone” + “Dopamine Redux” + “Childlike wonder”
  • And to finish : Five elements balanced or automated grouding

I feel better since I begun on sunday, I would like to go deeper and I was wondering if there is a course to help make a better use of all what is here???

Thank you to everyone, bless you.


Hi, Lumpri.

Check here for info on the course!


Welcome to the forum ;)


Welcome to the forum~

I would suggest whatever your goal is, use the Point of No Return (PONR) stack, it is free, and gives you a very good foundation. Also you can try out the JAAJ self love stack as I think some of your confidence issue can be improved by that.


Welcome, welcome!


Welcome to the forum. :rose:


If you’re interested in paid audios, PONR field is great to begin with, it helped me a lot to start getting consistent results from sapien fields.


Bienvenue :)


Bonne journée. passer un merveilleux moment ici. :pray:
(google translate)

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A happy welcome! I can second what Moonhaw suggested. I‘m also quite new here and started to listen to JAAJ‘s self love stack the past month, and also now for a week to the PONR.
This week I feel so much more at ease, more balanced, overall content and also negative things don’t affect me so much anymore.
Would really give it a try! I will continue using those for more time.

Wish you a great start here in this community and lots of fun exploring!


Thank you, I am now listening to both stack one after the other, it’s already a good beginning :slight_smile:

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Bienvenue au forum!

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Welcome to a new stage of history
theme song plays


Welcome dance-big-bird

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Hi everyone, so I bought the PONR field

I am wondering if I am listening to too much fields or not???
In the morning listen 3 to 4 times to the PONR field

Then 3 hours later I play JAAJ’s self love stack (which is divided in 4 parts, one each week and they last approximately 3 to 4 hours…) and then at the end of the day I listen again to the PONR field 3 to 4 times.

So far I don’t feel the effect from the fields, other than just be amazed at how beautiful some of the songs are.
My energy level is not high, I don’t feel depressed but not happy either, it was the same before listening to the stacks.
I just felt some angers during the week that was trickered by someone, but maybe it’s the fields that bring this situation to me.

you can listen as much as you want for fields focused on energy. everything you mentioned is energetically focused.

physical fields you should not listen more than 3 or 4 different fields a day.

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Thank you