How I am fighting back an obsessive womens soul binding

If you wanted to live a life where you do what you want, work you trully enjoy doing, living your best life, conquering. Would you allow an obsessive women who is a sub for a pathetic retired old hag thats 4-6x her age do everything she can to get you to be his sub as well?

It sounds absolutily nuts, why would a 65 year old man dating a 27 year old sub tell her to do everything she can to get him to fuck me in the ass by a “real man”,right. This sub has been just hanging on this old geiser for past 5 or so years while lieing to me, telling me to wait 5-10 years when my life settles and I can support her while she fucks around with this guy letting him do whatever he wants.
I leave discord and tell her forget it im going after other girls, she now bind her demon to me and wont let me go. He made her do a soul binding to a demon and now he is making her bind her demon to my soul, finally he tells her to let me go and now she is obsesse and wont leave me alone. 24/7, has nothing to do but ride my wave 24/7, with no soul, life, full of jeliousy and hate…
My stack to push her demon back and hear it less( no one loop of exorsicim isnt going to have her demon go running away afraid, these things are hungry and feed off your emotions, and habits.

1-2 round energy aura clearing
1-2 round energy aura repair
3-4 round black mirrored reflection stack
3-4x grand jerliousy shield
Rite of passage(gain authority and the right to exorcise)
exocirism rite
banishing rite
curse spell removal
bhooted boots
smart cord cutter
etheric cord cutter(uses the sword as well from previous audio)


You sure you’re not making this complicated? I mean you can do some etheric cord cutting but just block her everywhere and if she comes harassing physically tell her to get the fuck away from you and leave you alone.

I can see, hear and feel her demon, its a nasty phantom. She wont stop using it on me, if you cut the cord its still standing there. Only way is to not feed it through emotions and habits. As you learn to change life styles, ignore it and take good care of yourself it lessens till maybe she gives up but doubtful, she always has to win


Ok well I think you got it. One way to deal with astral entities is to just ignore them and not cave in to the emotional response they are tricking you to give. Also physical wellbeing and radiant polirizing energy by itself makes it harder for weaker beings to affect you psychically.


Get soul core its amazing for lust and people who are toxic,


I got the soul sore one, not the other two yet but im thinking The Self Refreshed next since it charges all three dantains plus host of other things


soul core is enough tbh, i was thinking about it on my way home lol strange

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I will try sword of destiny instead, its interactive plus the closes we can get to the pure source of the blood of christ

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Why are we transmuting instead of removing them completely? We’re doing this so that you can avoid situations where you have an opponent that is actively engaging in spells or curses to harm you. If we were to remove the energies of their workings, chances are, they’d know about it.

If we transmuted the energy to Source energy instead, they’d be none the wiser, and you’d benefit from Source energy.

ive had many black magicians bindin and puttin my personal image on goetia sigils to cause harm
many many of them, but this year they all freaked out and acted the same thing

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Not sure how it works myself


Problem is, they are clairvoyant. I don’t think anyone understands how powerful it is to have the ability to “see” everything im doing. She is binded to her demon so everything pop in her minds eye vividly. She even showed me herself by planting a live video in front of me, it was like a psychic tv in front of me… everything vivid. She got skills.

Theres this one trick where she calls through my friends phone as them, everytime they get drunk she uses her demon to posesses them then calls me. Ill ask my friends next they and they say they never called me. Looks in caller id and think “oh i blacked out”

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It’s a constant fight for me. Im learning more and more how to defend myself. Just wanted to mention a fucked up thing she been doing to me. She does this one old egyptian magic technique where she channels herself into me. She did this while she was having sex with some new guy she met last week. She placed her body mind and soul inside me while she is having sex to some thirsty bum so I could feel him fucking me through her. She then tells him to cum all over her face and tells me I should be happy since I got fucked by a “real man” and have astral cum all over my face.
SHE DOESNT NEED TO WORK SO HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO THEN THINK OF ALL THE WAYS TO FUCK ME OVER. But having some random stranger fuck her while she her mind and soul is inside me is a new level of low. Then she has the audacity to say I should be thanking her and happy that the new guy fucked me like a real man. I could even actually feel like his small dick was inside my but hole and was extremly uncomfortable laying down on my own bed.

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how do you know all this stuff?

I mean, it sounds like you’re still in touch with her and she can reach you, otherwise how would you know?

You say that you want her out from your life but you seem to be intrigued about what she is doing and what she wants.

Try to put your focus and attention in another place, because it seems that you are feeding on the relationship and then blaming her for all the stuff you say that she’s doing, but you seem to ignore that you are putting tons of attention and effort in what she wants or what she is doing.

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Im not sure how I know, other then the fact I can here her “voice” or her demons voice in my head. Most “professional” say its just schizophrenia but that would’nt explain how she texted me a picture of herself after I had “Dark Knight” NFT remove her soul from me. It was strange experience, the NFT’s picture turned into having one of those hats/beanies on him completely removeing the helmet, then he dived into my soul to rip out her soul binding she did to me.(mainly she wanted revenge so bad against me that she souled her own soul to get revenge) and he poped it out, it looked like pure light covered in a circle tube.
She was so happy to finally get it out she texted a cute picture of herself to me.
I wish it could be easy to just ignore her but try to ignore something/one non stop telling you “your a bitch, I want to see you get fucked by a real man” repeativly in my head.
The voice was to loud, i knew it wasnt my own voice because she would tell me stuff like its raining (while I was to focused on other things and had no clue it was raining) or if there is someone in the front door she would say “the guy coming to your house has a bigger penus then you, can you ask his number for me” before I even knew someone was at the door at all.
And having her control my t.v., without any me touching the remote she would change the channels or videos (useing her demons to do it)

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Somehow you seem to be resisting all that stuff.

Labels such as “real man” or “bitch” are losing meaning nowadays, those were old fashion Western prejudices that people held back in 1950 or 1960 to 2010.

Ask a buddhist monk what a “real man” is and he won’t be able to understand the label or the question.

So, you seem to be resisting ideas and prejudices that do not belong in many societies or even in modern societies.

Try to stop resisting those ideas or prejudices and neutralize their charge so you don’t care anymore about what’s a real man or what’s a bitch.

All the emotional charge that you resist from “being a bitch” or “not a real man” seem to fuel your situation.