How I got fields to work for me every time

Heyo. Thought I’d share a method that’s worked for myself and others. I used to get practically zero results from fields, which evolved into very inconsistent results, which has now evolved into very consistent results.

For some people,

Although in this case, it really does just work for many people. (for those cultured, ik ukwim :smirk:)

But it can feel like a cosmic joke when everyone else seems to get results but you, or you seem to get results sometimes and then you don’t. So I hope the following advice and method is useful. I don’t claim this will work 100% for you. It worked for me, it worked for others. Take what resonates, leave the rest.

So I’m going to give a brief model. I’m not presenting it as fact, but it’s useful.

  1. The field is an energized frequency.

  2. It initially hits and interacts with your energy-body and protective qi.

  3. Either the field and its successful operation is let in and allowed, or it’s rejected. Either there’s absence of subconscious resistors, or they are present and blocking it.

  4. There may be mental, energetic and physical level resistors (they’re interconnected) in the subconscious mind toward the field and/or your intended purposes for it. Which can explain why sometimes a field may feel strong and robust at times, and fairly weak at other times. However there are far more potential reasons for this phenomenon.

And thus the concluded premise is that by relaxing those resistors, the field will be let through so to speak, causing you to get its effects.

Subconscious resistors are usually the reason why fields don’t work, but I am aware there are other possible reasons, hence I’m presenting the idea of subconscious resistors as the cause, as being hypothetical for now. It may be for you. It probably is. But it also might not be.

So with that out of the way, onto two methods to do just that. There are many ways to release subconscious resistors, and if you have really deep blockages, you might need to do a fair amount of work. But this may help.

There is a short version and a long version. The long version is there if the short version doesn’t work.

Short Version

  1. Play the field you’re not getting results from. Ensure it is audible.

  2. Say to yourself, “I give my entire mind, energy, body and being complete permission to allow this field to cause positive changes and outcomes.” (Word it however you like, so long as you’re stating you’re giving permission for your entire being to allow the field to function. It’s optimal for the statement to feel right and good to you, modify the wording however you please)

  3. Do a body scan. Head to toes. Notice any body-resistance (tension, tightness, heaviness, etc) that stands out? If yes, you have your subconscious resistors. If not, do a quick progressive muscle relaxation exercise and try again. Contrast total relaxation to whatever sensations arise after stating the statement in step #2.

  4. Relax on and into the body-sensations themselves. Surrender, relax, release and let go of mental, energetic and physical resistors to allowing this field to work for you, through your physiological manifestation(s) of resistance. That is to say, relax the muscles in those areas, and deepen the feeling of relaxation as far as you can go, through all the levels and layers of existence until you reach void (doesn’t need to be the legitimate level of void. It being an imaginative metaphor is totally okay for this process. Extreme bonus points if you can relax into Void however)

  5. If done correctly, you should be noticing results!

Long Version

  1. Relax. I will be stating the use of yoga nidra here, as this method will relax and release resistors through the physiology. However if you have a preferred means of relaxation, do what works best for you.

  2. Perform yoga nidra. Which is in its most basic form, progressive muscle relaxation. I’m aware it can get deeper and more complex, and be painted with various flavors. But for the sake of this exercise, it is progressive muscle relaxation. But I would invite you to attempt to take the feeling of relaxation you create in a body part, and attempt to somehow relax it even more deeply than the level of the muscles. Imagine relaxing it through all levels and layers, until you reach pure void. You don’t need to know the levels. Just assume it’s gone through all the levels. Ensure you really relax the head as well. Everything is important, but especially the head. Scalp, around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, jaw, neck.

  3. Now play the field you want to get results from. Ensure it is audible. Not sub-audible. Not mute. Audible.

  4. Say to yourself, “I give my entire mind, energy, body and being complete permission to allow this field to cause positive changes and outcomes.” (Word it however you like, so long as you’re stating you’re giving permission for your entire being to allow the field to function)

  5. You may notice parts of your body begin to tense up. Some subconscious resistors are showing up physiologically. This means you do indeed have subconscious resistors. If absolutely nothing happens, that’s perfectly okay. Perform the verbal portion of #8.

  6. Tune into that body-feeling of resistance. If there’s multiple, you have some options. Be ambitious and focus on the most robust one first, and see if you can nuke it to the void. Or/and, you can start with the smaller ones to build up some success momentum, then tackle the most robust one. Up to you.

  7. Tune into it deeply, and bring that feeling of deep relaxation you created via yoga nidra, into that space. Relax its muscles, and the muscles around the area, then deepen that feeling of relaxation down through all the levels and layers, until you reach void. Imagine it. Intend it. Decide it. Feel it. This is why I suggested you do this deeper relaxation before. Because it’s useful to do it when actually relaxing out subconscious resistors. Don’t interpret the level of void you reach as being the actual level of void, unless you’ve been training to touch and dissolve into Wuji/Void already. It’s fine that it’s imaginary for now. Imaginary does not mean ineffective, as long as you suspend disbelief and are open to change. Which the yoga nidra helps with as the mental relaxation is quite deep as well.

  8. Once you do this, state, “I fully let go of any and all subconscious resistors and resistance to getting positive results from this field, from all levels of my being, now!” (Use whatever phrasing you prefer, so long as it is stating you’re free from all resistors to the field working). Don’t say this like you’re bored out of your mind, reading some passages from a book you don’t care about to the class. Actually intend it. You want it to work. You want everything in the way of your success GONE. So make the decision. Don’t half ass it. If you need to think of why you want this field to work for you and all of the great benefits you desire to experience to amp yourself up, shoot. Do what you need to do to decide right here, right now, that everything in the way of your success is GONE.

  9. Clear out all resistors that automatically arise. If you eventually feel none, then repeat your statement for step #4. See if anything else comes up.

  10. If all goes well, the field should work for you. However if you really had a lot of resistors, it’s possible you’re totally wiped from relaxing it all. In which case, relax and chill. Try using the field later. If you can, take a nice nap after this or if not, relax deeply and let your mind wander for 5 - 10 minutes. Let your system process the changes.

Of course, nothing here is gospel. Change it up however you like. The goal here is your ability to get consistent results from fields. Fine-tune the process to you, if you feel so inclined.

And you can use your strengths to your advantage. Maybe some fields do work for you, and some don’t. If that’s the case, think on how you can use the fields that do work for you, to amplify this process or any other chosen process to release subconscious resistors. See what you can cook up. Maybe subliminals work for you. See what you can do there. Etc. Play to your strengths. Maybe visualizing works better than using affirmations for you. Maybe using affirmations works better than using visualization for you. Maybe using both is optimum. Maybe using none of them is optimum. Play with what works for you presently, and use it to make what doesn’t work, work.

If pretty much no field works for you, or too few do, I would suggest also stating that all resistors to fields as a whole are released too. Start general, then move onto releasing resistors for specific fields. You can be strategic with this. Generally clean and attempt to get ego dissolution and subconscious limits removal 3.0 to work for you, and use these with the process. Etc. There are other fields you can play with for this purpose. Be creative. Creativity is key. The fields and processes that work for you as of now (if any do), and the ones you can get to work via this process of releasing subconscious resistors (or any other process to achieve this goal), will determine what ideas and evolutions of this base idea you’ll get.

If you have very deep and persistent resistors, you may have to do this daily. Tends to be the case. The body-mind is a creature of habit, after all. Don’t go into this thinking it’ll take awhile though. Be open to and inviting of the miraculous, while allowing and causing yourself to be at ease with accepting the mundane.

My final note is that this is not definitive by any means. There are many approaches one can take to removing subconscious resistors and I’m sure many have been discussed on the forum already.

But if this helps at least one person, then I consider it a successful post.

Best of luck!


Your post could have not been posted in a better time. Just the refresher in intention I needed. Thank you :white_heart:


I suppose we can also use the latest Anxiety Release Meditation and Field uploaded on the Dream Muse channel in place of the Yoga Nidra Practice to bring our Entire Body and Mind into that Deep Relaxation State after which we can mentally repeat the Affirmations to relax and open our subconscious resistors in order to quickly integrate and manifest the effects of the morphic fields in our 3D reality.


Definitely, plenty of possible ways to go about releasing subconscious resistors. Affirmations are a personal favorite of mine. Great suggestion.