How many tags does everyone use?

How many tags is everyone using? Do you use some during the day and some only at night? Do you only use and focus on one? Do you use mandalas with any tags? Do you use certain tags for certain situations?


i use the matchmaker and the thor mandala because my other tags never arrived. I probably have to wait until july for it to ever be delivered. Maybe i should refund and reorder them one by one.

the thor manala and the matchmaker are a great combo for attracting women.

Damn this is irrelevant but this post reminded me about my tags I left home :cry:


Oh stop, you know the whole world isn’t optimal right now. What’s the point of refunding and ordering again? All you’ll do is reset the process again.


Sorry for your problems, but youre becoming a meme…


no i don’t care i’m going to mention it because it upsets me. I love the items and they work and i need them and i don’t care about resistance or not i want it to be delivered after 2 months of waiting.


I have two items, Stop Procrastination and Glory, and also the luck t-shirt. I wear them all the time, even at night, although I wasn’t able to at first because of the energy making want to get up and do things instead of sleep :joy:


I have a question about the tags , please.

If you keep the tags in your pocket, is the energy just as strong as wearing it on the chain ?

I have seen some people say they keep it in thier pocket instead, but will that affect the energy from the tag in any way if it is kept in your pocket?

I just want to make sure that it doesn’t mess up the energy if it’s on worn on the chain around your neck.

No, in the pocket is fine. Dream said they work as long as they’re within your aura. So one to three feet of distance should still work.


Okay , Thank you. I appreciate the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are times when I am not able to wear it around my neck , and I keep it my pocket. But I got worried that maybe it might mess up the energy.

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I keep most of my tags in my pocket. For the dog tags I simply removed the chain and just have the tag. Having lots of energy (tags) around your neck near your heart chakra can cause chi overload. I forgot where I read that, but I definitely noticed a difference in my tolerance when I wasn’t wearing them around my neck.

It’s also nice not to have 4-5 chains around your neck at once lol.


I decided to reduce stress on my energy body by keeping them near me only while sleeping.

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Does Ascension make you feel worn out? I use it 24/7 (all day + sleeping) and I loop the vibration series 2x each audio. Don’t feel tired. Hbu?


buy this item if your having trouble with results. place your dog tags on this to make them more powerful.

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No. (20 charctershhh)

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@anon6431808 Do you think that with Ascension tag one can skip protective tags or fields?
What I mean is, if you raise your vibration a lot why you should worry about negative/lower vibrational energies or entities?

How is it when it’s boosted a lot

With love


i dont either

with love

i love u


Can one wear two dog tags in the same chain? I thought each dog tag and chain is connected by the same field!!!

I have 25 tags
At peak times i would wear probably around 12-13
Normal times 8-9
If i feel unusual 5-6
If i feel super tired just leave them off

I’ve experimented with having all of them in my pockets. Also experimented wearing none for a week or so.

I love them all.
There always seem some indispensable ones (SLR, Chakra, Abundance, among others).

Tags are beautiful