How to track item shipment?

Hi guys, I ordered Social Mastery tag on November 28 but didn’t receive any email related to order confirmation or shipment from

I only received email from paypal regarding the payment details.

Curently can’t track my item (idk also whether is it shipped already).

I already emailed sapien team but no response.

Anyone know to how to track shipment ?

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Send a DM to SammyG here through this Forum. (Include whatever transaction information you have. Hopefully, you took a screenshot of the Transaction Completed page; always a good idea, even on big mainstream sites.) He’ll help you out.

P.S.: Did you check your Spam folder? (And Promotions or Updates folders, if you used Gmail)


Thank you @WellBeing mate :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s normal, you don’t receive a confirmation email when buying items from enlightenedstates and there is no tracking. I live in France and when the item arrives at the border I have to pay a tax for it to pass the border and be shipped that’s the only moment I know where it is


Yeah man, i never received nothing and i was like damn maybe it’s not shipped yet and then boom it was in my front door lol


Wait the shop is open? I can buy pendants??

The Sapien Shop is not open, but the Enlightened States website is open. You can buy pendants through that the Enlightened States site, but dog tags are no longer being sold by Sapien.


Has anyone received new pendants yet? Any problems with shipping?

Mine i ordered on Nov 28. Shipped out on Dec 21. Item still in transit , probably i will receive in 2~3 days.
So yeah , no problems with shipping. I live in South East Asia btw.

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man i live in the US and its been 19 days and still, nothing.

probably cus of the holidays though :roll_eyes:

Plus Sammy did say that, because the new pendants are being hand-done by Dream, that the process will take longer than it had in the past.


i see, thanks again :slight_smile:

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Yeah I would honestly wait. I mean Sam and Dream have been up to a lot; this month probably has been a bit a lot more…unexpected for them than any of us could have fathomed.
Lets just be patient and send them our best and rest assured we will get them when we do. Truly, it’s only two people for the hundreds and thousands of us!
Although, I totally get the eager anticipation; but it will make it even more worth while once you do receive it!
Also, not to mention Covid has delayed shipments.
Just my two cents, of course.


Don’t worry it’s on the way - I placed my order on Nov 26, it was delivered on Dec 28.
I’m in Canada. I’d rather wait a month for my fields then not being able to order at all.