I am an ambitious audio brain-doper

I listen to a lot of stuff. I have stacks of things I listen to daily from various creators and I have gotten improvements and I will continue to improve. I’d like to have some kind of social network of braindopers where we share ideas.

My goal is to improve cognition, hedonia and mental well being.


Welcome to the community!

Although I still have trouble choosing my target, I think I will have a “mini stack” focused on cognition, intelligence and social skills, so you can count on me. :smirk_cat:


Hi EddieMorra1
Welcome Glad 2

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Join the Brain guild discussion thread. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what you find in this plethora of information and new updates concern brain improving fields.

I was just reading one of your messages too. This is interesting.


:rofl::rofl: the seat pat is crazy. But I agree!


Thanks. I guess social skills will improve when cognition improves a lot of the time. I guess the only thing one really needs is kind of cognition boost and confidence thing to be good socially. For short term cognition boost nothing is better than quadible integrity nzt and quadible integrity boost astrocytes and I have used that a lot right before socializing. The binaural nutrition stimulants and brain doping audios is a close second to those.

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Thanks. I will join it and get all those juicy notifications.

Look into the new social bonder field that JUST came out less than a week ago.