I think this is the thing that vaccine put in us

I know few of you undestand spanish ,

Esa cosa es la vacuna misma del covid segun ella dice


So, although i understand some written Spanish (not much) and some small talk/a few (spoken) words, i can’t really understand it that good…

So, what is she saying?
(anyone who knows Spanish want to tell us? )

Summary for our American friends: The woman explains what she found in her blood and urine after the covid-19 vaccine, she says: “there are three components that come together and move” “it looks like snake skin” “when you turn off the microscope , the cell shines (with luminicense)” “some elements are similar and others are different” you show photos of what he saw in the microscope next to a technogologist, he thinks this is disastrous and perverse and wants an explanation. He also says that he saw something in the swabs they used to test you against the virus. the swab enters through the nose, I don’t know where it went but we all know that anything that enters through the nose reaches the brain, suspicious right?

I really don’t care if that vaccine had something in it, I came to find out if God exists and a cell isn’t going to stop me.

However, for the people who do care, they have the right to be suspicious; because the governments wanted people to get vaccinated MANDATORY and that seems very strange to me, for example, they wouldn’t let me go to school if I didn’t have that vaccine, and they wouldn’t let my mom buy in some supermarkets without having the vaccine, no matter how many masks, gloves, protective clothing or antibacterial gel you had, they prohibited everything! and they make you think that it is so as not to infect others, but in reality it is because they need everyone to have something, but what is that something?

Neutral opinion: In the body there are cells/viruses/living beings that kill other living beings, perhaps the cure for covid was to inject a virus that kills that other virus, That explains why some people feel bad after the vaccine, they had a new living being that did not belong to the body.

Realmente no me importa si esa vacuna tenia algo dentro, vine para descubrir si dios existe y una celula no me lo va a impedir.

Sin embargo, para las personas que si le importa, estan en su derecho de sospechar; porque los gobiernos querian que la gente se vacunaran OBLIGADAMENTE y eso me parece muy raro, por ejemplo, a mi no me dejaban entrar a la escuela si no tenia esa vacuna, y a mi mama no la dejaban comprar en algunos supermercados sin tener la vacuna, sin importan cuantas mascarillas, guantes, ropa protectora o gel antibacterial tuvieras te prohibian todo! y te hacen pensar que es para no contagiar a otros, pero en realidad es porque necesitan que todos tengan algo, pero que es ese algo?

Opinion neutral: En el cuerpo hay celulas/virus/seres vivos que matan otros seres vivos, talvez la cura del covid fue inyectar un virus que mate ese otro virus, eso explicaria porque algunas personas se sentian mal despues de la vacuna, tenian un nuevo ser vivo que no pertenecia al cuerpo.


By the way, sorry if the summary is very bad, I’m not good at this :sweat_smile: :joy:

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I think is great :) and i applaud your effort to give your opinion in english when it was not requested! :handshake::partying_face:

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Thank You for the translation.

It was clear to me or at least I thought that they had/have bad plans, the moment they required Everyone to get vaccinated and they didn’t even consider other safer and Better alternatives.

It was the vaccine or nothing.
It was too obvious.


Lol, why do I feel like you said that ironically?
Are not most of the post to give an opinion without the requirement? or is it wrong to do it?
After this I will probably leave the forum, why? why following that logic commenting is wrong

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Brother you need to work on fears and self steem

Not everything and everybody is out there to get you

There is nothing sarcastic in my comment

Embrace compliments.

I said “when it was not requested” meaning the post was spanish for spanish speakers mostly therefore we could just comment in spanish but you made the effort to do it in english too


I’m sorry, my bad, you’re right
I am aware that I am paranoid, I have never received a compliment, which seems strange to me that it happens now and more because it comes from a stranger

I guess the antipsychotics aren’t working (lol)
although seriously speaking it will be something to discuss with my psychiatrist


Healing is for the braves. So you are brave. ;)

Be gentle with yourself, little by little youll come out of your shell and enjoy life without paranoia

Have you tried the amygdala field? Its very helpful to overcome fears.


The thing is that i saw independent news of people who colapse and die without reason,even popular latin actors who participated in tv shows

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I’m sorry if I’m being dense - I can be, sometimes

Do you think it’s like a poison or is it like another virus? You seem to have suggested maybe another virus was in the vx/tests but I wanted to further clarify if I could.


Yes, self-assembling nanobots, basically a graphene snake. They put it in everything they can, but I’m sure they put some special sauce in the injectable kind. It’s not impossible to get out it seems, but the environment is so full of this stuff that you can be sure if you eat, drink, or possibly breathe you’ve got some of this stuff in you. Black goo, internet of things (you are one of the things), Morgellon’s. 5g/starlink/musk/X/etc. Name any of the “captains” of this tech age and they’re involved in some way. It’s a pathetic attempt to control people through blocking the Spirit, as far as I’ve been able to tell. The goal is to control you in every way that they can, but it always fails, eventually.

We are at a crossroads in this human timeline. There are many different factions fighting for their version of the future of us. It seems things are going to get a bit crazy again, but we’ll get through it. Looping Justice for All currently.


Quadible has something for nanobots, I think DrVirtual7, possibly also Captain’s Savior of the World from the Premium album?


There were people saying when they tried detoxing from it, black stuff would come out from their skin

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There are many who believe the vaxx contains a ‘payload’ (poison/venom/virus, etc.) within them which is inside a nano carbon shell, encapsulated in hydrogel. This payload can be released with 5G bursts and this is one of the sudden death causes or the spinning/stiffening videos you can find.

Currently, you see athletes, TV personality, concert performers, people in train stations, etc who are fainting or dropping dead.

As an athlete you push more blood through your vessels which expand and contract to get blood throughout the body. Putting more stress on the nano capsules causing premature failure/release.

TV/concert performers have powerful broadcasting devices and microphones which may be breaking the capsule with strong frequencies.

Train stations are known for high EMF fields coming off the trains and tracks.

There was a truther doctor who died suddenly after revealing this information to his followers.

They have had nano capsules since the 60s and the developers won a Nobel prize.

The Club of Rome stated the population needs to be no more than 1 billion and would prefer if it were more random selection to who doesn’t make the cut from the 7 billion. Agreeing to take an experimental product sure seems like a way to sign up for the culling since you acquiesced your bodily autonomy to these psychopaths.

They pushed really hard during the lockdowns to setup 5G towers everywhere. The new variant literally has 5G in the name (5G.E). The E, ironically stands for Eris, which is the Greek Goddess of Discord…5G + AI could be used to selectively target certain groups for termination and has been shown that people have Bluetooth signals after getting jabbed, connecting them to the IoT.

I hope this is not true but I suspect their next attempt at lockdowns and full control will actually have people dieing everywhere. It won’t be a re-branding of the seasonal flu/cold season like last time.

Either way I am not complying and wearing a mask, just like last time. No colds for 13+ years here, they can’t tell me nothing!

PS. Welcome to the bottom of the Rabbit Hole haha


Any idea on how to get rid of it? Would a graphene oxide field/frequency help?

Arcturian sound has one just as an aside


I believe the graphene oxide is used to create the nano-tech for the Bluetooth signaling and connecting you to the Internet of Things (IoT). My understanding is that NAC helps the body to detox the graphene oxide particles, or using things like detox baths with Epsom salts, charcoal, borax, MSM, etc. Frequencies may work but it could be too slow depending on many factors. There is a destroy nano bots from Dr Virtual 7 on YouTube which if you read the comments you see many reports of black specs coming out in the shower or in their beds after.

The nano capsules which could contain a payload are made of carbon and then they inject the substance into the capsules and wrap it in hydrogel. This is not the same thing as graphene oxide and I am honestly not sure how you would detox this out of your body. Possibly something like high doses of zeolites could be effective as it works at the nano scale to remove any foreign particles from the body, be it heavy metals, dead cells, parasites, etc.

I personally take zeolite (called PBX) daily to help keep me clean from whatever they are spraying into the skies and putting into the food. I also drink distilled water as it is the only thing your body can use to flush itself out and clean up your organs (otherwise it has to distill the water itself in the kidneys/liver before use which creates more mess to clean up). You then need to add in your own base mineral compounds for your body as they are removed from the food supply already and if you are distilling water.

Finally, I take C60 every day too (C60 EVO) as it is the strongest anti-oxidant on the planet and will help to prevent cancer, illness, provides a big energy boost, clearer mind, and a host of other benefits. Graphene oxide is likely removed with C60 too being such a powerful anti-oxidant. There was also a study (on the website for C60 EVO, which is why I use their product and no one else’s) in 2012 on rats where they were testing the effective of C60 on toxicity reduction and not only did it clean them up but extended their lives 90% with no health issues later in life.

This is a crazy time to be alive and many people have their own strategies, this is simply what has been working best for me. I take a few other supplements and things but don’t want to get into full blown detail here of my practices.


Thank you so much!