Immanuel Etymology

The Hebrew name Immanuel is spelled עִמָּנוּאֵל. Let’s break down the letters:

  • ע (Ayin): This letter is associated with the eye and sight. It can also represent insight or understanding.
  • מ (Mem): This letter is associated with water, which can symbolize fluidity, life, and purification.
  • נ (Nun): This letter is associated with a fish or a serpent, which can symbolize life, activity, or fertility.
  • ו (Vav): This letter is associated with a hook or a nail, which can symbolize connection or attachment.
  • א (Aleph): This letter is associated with an ox, which can symbolize strength or leadership.
  • ל (Lamed): This letter is associated with a shepherd’s staff, which can symbolize guidance or authority.

So says ChatGPT. Now, my claim about Jesus is that he personified not an outside God, but the full ensoulment of humanity - as the Kabbalists knew and taught the entire time. YHVH being the name of “Yahweh”, and literally being the embodiment of male and female, etymologically. So when I’ve been saying Yahweh is you, the clue is in the name. YHShVH being the Hebrew name of Jesus, of course, the middle character is the Shin - descending of the Spirit. We are both creator and created, and by experiencing life fully present as Jesus did, we bring the Spirit to the union of male and female.

And so, the name Immanuel would refer to an emanation of God to which Jesus could be considered an incarnation or manifestation of that emanation, which can certainly be accessed in angelic form. Whether or not it would be accurate to say that the being behind it is an angel who incarnated/helped incarnate the being of Jesus, or is an angelic/emanatory form of Jesus, I’m not sure, but I don’t think it matters. If you seek, you will find.

And here’s where I think the translation may be a bit off, as you will see in the ChatGPT breakdown above, the name is usually translated, “God is With Us”, and people think of this as meaning “God is walking next to us”, but a better translation might be, “God is Within Us” or possibly “God is Connected to Us”.


Yes of course you are talking about the jew god, the scapegoat, who always get tortured to death and is the ultimate sacrifice of all times.

I think you might have missed my entire philosophy on the identity of Jesus.

And no, Yahweh is the “jew god”, not Jesus.


But in terms of self similarity, the creator and the creation is one and the same so you are just trying to go around the endless corner here.

I’d love to hear you expand more on this critique. I understand the content, but I don’t think I’m understanding the weight you’ve put behind it.

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In my exploration of kabbalistic magick, I have discovered that even the pronunciation (let alone the spelling) of divine names can bring different and powerful effects.

So part of it is, I am excited to start exploring the name and possible invocations thereof Immanuel.

The other part is that my contention is that God is You. Jesus isn’t coming “soon” to 3D reality anymore than he was 2000 years ago.

This should change everything from how you pray to how you conceptualize divinity to how you act.

This is clearly laid out and not hidden or occult. Just facts, that most people don’t know how to accept.

Yes, there is more to God than 3D You, but your finger is still you, even though it is not even a hand.


Looking forward to this :)