InfiniteWisdom’s Journey to Let Go

This may seem like a trivial thing, height insecurity has been a huge burden on my mind. I figured it is because I haven’t been seriously trying hard enough to love myself for who I am.

I have great tools such as “Speed Up Physical Change” by PU and Sapien’s self love fields. It’s been on and off since I got too lazy or comfortable with myself. This obsession with trying to grow taller is due to feeling inferior and embarrassed to be around people, especially girls. Something so trivial like height is hurting my life so bad.

I meditated for a little to calm myself down and told myself to get my shit together. This mental burden of striving for something in order to feel whole and complete is not the right way. I will once again go full maximum power at self love fields, get rid of all limiting beliefs.

This will be my journal: loving my height and loving myself for who I am.

I’m sure there are people like me who feel hurt about their height and I want to change that with my journal posts.

To be continued…