Interesting Websites

What are some interesting websites that you know of?

Which are your favorites?


One sammy mentioned, dont login in with spotify it ruins the website

lol that’s not me

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this is me though


LessWrong, a little community of thinkers. Everyone can post, but they also have a bunch of polished collections of essays.

This is all highly intellectual, don’t expect much spiritual stuff (or if there is, it’s disguised).


I think this one is interesting:


Here’s one related: The Playlist Miner.

You input a search term (e.g. “mellow”, “dinner”…), it looks through playlists that match and groups the songs that are most commonly present across them. When it’s done, you can save the results as a playlist.

In a way, it exploits the collective intelligence of mappings concept-words that people have done through their playlists. I’ve had some nice finds through it.

(cc @SammyG based on what @Inspector said)

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Bro am not logining in with my spotify it says website not secure lol :woozy_face:

Take this from an ex-Engineering Manager: it’s going to be ok :kissing_heart:

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Easy Data Base creation:

A website where you can create an URL and make notes on it (super clean):

It takes a bit of clicking around to actually get into the site, but it has some interesting information


I was sent down the same spiral once again…hope I manifest some interesting website to link here and shift the trend.

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Nice2knowU found this one: Notable people

Really nice interactive world map with notable names in each place

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Second Life. It is a virtual world where you can chose your looks and wander in amazing places. It has teleportation. I have flown over the silver sea towards the Sun, just like that, and had blissful underwater world experiences (mermaids and mermans around and magic places), went to dance clubs on the beach, flew with Da Vinci’s helicopter, visited (and flew over) the virtual replica of Borobudur temple etc
There, people can create their own “islands” that reflect their interests and their style. Many of them can be visited. A weird encounter was when i visited an island that was having a very high (several tens of meters) levitating platform on which the owner was keeping their horses. On the ground covered by lush green grass i encountered the owner of the island, who was a very little faery, that greeted me - my appearance was sexy scantily dressed and wearing a katana… i was so embarassed :slight_smile:
After a year or so, when i had a boyfriend from a very far country and we hadn’t yet met in reality, i told him about the Second Life, he made an account, i told him where to teleport and we were able to meet virtually, for the first time, and have a romantic (platonic) time together on a magic sunset beach with music and comfortable chaise longue-s.


I know it, my father used to play that “game” a lot back in 2008, he even had bought an house there.

It’s still relevant?

i was there in 2014, i have to visit again. Love to fly and explore

that still exists?

apparently yes, and this has been a user’s experience in June 2023:

" The other night, I had an odd conversation with ChatGPT, made somewhat stranger because the AI’s answers came out of a humanoid rabbit idly sucking on a juice box. He was standing alone in a virtual novelty store in Second Life, where he had recently been fired. The rabbit, the shop owner explained to me later, was meant to be a clerk, “but he kept trying to sell items that were not for sale.” (AI, after all, has a tendency to make things up). So the rabbit had been demoted to the role of greeter, chatting with customers about the nature of comedy, his own existence, or whatever else they cared to ask.
BunnyGPT is among the first bots in the virtual world to have its “mind” wired to OpenAI’s large language model. It’s an example of how Second Life, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, continues to evolve "

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