Is it OK to use the energy blockage removal each time before body primer?

It seems I have a lot of unconcious blockages, so I’m wondering if it’s helpful to use the Energy Blockage Removal each time before using the Body Primer. Can I also use it before the other audios, such as Healer Primer or Become The Healer, etc.?

Will the Energy Blockage interfere with the course audios if I use it before each audio?

Is this your first time running the course?

If so then you shouldn’t be using any field like that

Nothing that affects the energy body

If it’s not your first run and are simply augmenting the course fields in your stacks, this is fine, i use to combine the course fields with all kinds of stuff, but this entirely depends on whether or not you can handle it (comfortably, ie. It doesn’t overwhelm)


Thanks, I’ll just stick to the basics.

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