Is killing spiders and insects bad karma?

Well, it’s a great game, life that is (and GTA, of course)! :smiley:
Are we playing on hard difficulty now? I think so …

yes, according to the teachings of tibetan NKT or other mahayana buddhisms. Of course it is bad karma as those are sentient beings. generating bad karma is extremely easy. we all do it. so don’t feel bad about it. i do kill mosquitoes myself sometimes.

but try to change and place them ouside.

if you want to begin practicing kadampa or similar traditions, do vajrasatva purifications to change your conduct little by little.

it’s probably not a lot of bad karma as insects seem not as sensitive and conscious as mammals, but yes it is unskillful conduct to kill them specially out of unfounded fear.

and yes, you are not beyond redemption. no one is. you are a valuable being tha can reach enlightenment.


I fear that If I try to catch them they might bite me or something, plus, if I am not successful in getting them outside (assuming I can catch them in the first place), they will remain in the house, perhaps near me or worse… :fearful:

WHEN I WILL HAVE SOME MONEY, somewhere in the future, I’LL BUY SOMETHING FOR INSECTS, SPIDERS, BUGS, ETC., TO CATCH THEM, LIKE VACUUM OR SOMETHING (?) (I saw that such devices exist, idk if vacuum, saw it on a commercial once) AND I’LL SPARE THEM.

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Ever since I started capturing and releasing them outside they stopped bothering me as well. My roommate’s room was full of mosquitoes last summer while there were almost none in mine…

I mean you can just put them in a glass jar or something and let them outside lol


It’s not that they are not important, I view all creatures as having value, I abhore how many eat meat (well, I used to eat meat too, years ago, I’m a vegetarian for the past few years, I think, maybe 5 years), how much suffering those innocents go through, but how much evil we still do to each other, I mean WARS, Famines, Genocides, Hate, Murder, etc., we as a species have a LONG way to go, before reaching GOD/DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS/LEVEL/ENLIGHTENMENT, YET, at least we are not accepting utmost violence as normal, the vast majority of people are no longer cannibals, well, we are a little bit better than how we used to be…

Humanity progreses slowly, but surely, at least overall.

In time, I will reach Higher States of Mind/Consciousness/Love as well.


Or something like this

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Hey, yeah, I didn’t mean to guilt you nor do I like that. I just go by trying to inflict as little suffering as possible. And in that sense you’re already playing a great part by being a vegetarian, more importantly radiating a lovely energy as well, and there’s no such thing as perfect living down here in this mess lol