Is stealing food ethical


is is stealing food ethical or the right thing to do?

Me and somone was talking about this. I said its wrong but i would still do it if i have too.


it’s ethical if it is seen as such and unethical if it is seen as such


No unless a few very extreme cases like when you are starving and would die otherwise.



Yet, I have a few Questions: Who decides what is mine or what is yours?
Do we have The Right to occupy lands, destroy and exploit Nature and Call it MY PROPERTY/OURS?

Is it all just Survival and the rest are just higher aspirations?

How about killing innocent beings, slaughtering them in mass, just because we can?
Is that Ethical (food)?

Laws are FLAWED and Imperfect, made by greedy, imperfect, violent creatures, made by us, humans…

The Question is WHAT IS ETHICAL?


As @SaintTheophilos said, “ethical” is a matter of personal opinion. (This is why I bore everyone with my questions about what they are meaning when they say this or that.)

And “ethical” is kind of a red herring that we humans do to one another to manipulate one another. Look around our world and notice how many wars are (and have been) being fought in the name of “ethics.”


That’s pretty cynical Mr @WellBeing


He is allowed. With so much help he deserves his moments.


Haha, tones don’t translate well in plain text. I wouldn’t call it cynical (but, of course, I’m sure you already guessed that :laughing: ) so I’m not sure which bit to clarify. (And, after all, you all know me as a simple kind of guy. Haha.)

To make sure I don’t derail this thread, I look at animals, who aren’t burdened by “ethics.” They steal food all the time.

(Side note: Thanks @SaintTheophilos.)


I would only mind if people steal from me. :laughing:

But, for real now, Stealing is bad (in my flawed human perception),


unless it’s your only choice.

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All good lol
Just teasing


Well I try not to xD

Here's a story for you

I once asked my dragon servitor to ask help from all entities I usually ask help from (basically use Dream’s intercessions), and was carrying St. Michael Mandala.

I found an extra trash container (the one that a whole neighbourhood uses) in a place. Apparently there was some party or something, and they got it to throw trash there.

There was food there. I took it. Then I was feeling nice (but not so nice that I trusted I could eat that food xD) and like it was my day, and saw some food and tried to steal it. I was instantly caught. Not a good feeling. Had to clear energy for many days xD.

Never did I find any more food xD. If I use St. Michael Sword’s at work, I get more work than the rest of people aka he hates me now xD

But still, I basically had no money then, now I have just a bit at least, so I feel no temptation.

If I go fully broke, I will steal food, and occupy a house. I don’t care. I did all I could to avoid it.

I blame the people in power stealing from the common people for this situation.

My job now is ruining my “health”. I’m willing to kill to myself to work. So I can’t honestly take blame if I end up like that. If killing yourself is not enough to deserve food I don’t know what is.

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(I got that :wink: Yep, all good.)


It’s relationship dependent. During war, you can almost steal anything from an enemy. Even stealing food when you are desperate is not straightforward. The moral intuition of most people would be that stealing from someone in an even more dire situation is more problematic than from someone who is flush—sort of a reverse widow’s mite situation. None of these things make stealing right in a way that Kant would recognize, but ‘less wrong’ is an important moral category even thought it is largely ignored.


There are levels of right and wrong.

I will never let animals or children go without food. To do so would be wrong - even if I have to steal it.

Of course you do have some responsibility to beg or borrow before it gets to that.