Is there a full body healing treatment in SM like Reiki?

I’ve been looking into Reiki and a few other healing methods recently. I’ve been very fortunate as I have been able to chat about the different methods with my acupucturist who is fully trained and certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Reiki does have a full-body treatment where the practitioner treats the entire energy body of another person in one session. It has a reputation for being able to release a lot of trauma. Does Sapien Medicine have a whole-body treatment? Will the Energy Awakening course teach me how to do one? If so, how would that work?

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There are several treatment modalities that treat the full body (search the forum):

  • Plasma fields
  • Advanced Healing with Volts
  • Shamanic Medicine Bundle
  • Microkinesi Therapist
  • Smart Reiki Treatment
  • Acu Automation
  • etc.

Thanks, I’ll give it a look.


The Smart Reiki Field is Sapien’s whole-body Reiki treatment.

Of course, there’s a whole rabbit hole there.


What rabbit hole might that be? I want to be able to give full body Reiki treatments to other people. I had allergies for years, and they were removed after one treatment. I haven’t had an allergy in 30 years now. As far as I can tell, it’s the best thing going for a permanent removal of an energy blockage.

This category is related to Energy Awakening Course. As your question is not related to the course, you may want to change the category (e.g. Ask for Advice), so you will recieve more answers.

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I’m taking the course and I want to know if the healing practice can accomplish the same thing as a full body Reiki treatment (on someone else). That is, can I do the same thing as a Reiki Master doing a full body treatment. I edited the question so it will be more clear.

Energy blockage removal is a really potent and underrated audio.

Sometimes it is better for me than all chakra audios.

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Yes, I have that one also, in my personal emotional health playlist. The Body Primer in the Energy course was very effective too. The second time I listened to it I released a lot of old negative garbage. I listened to the Smart Reiki field a few times last night before I went to sleep and my dreams uncovered some important things I need to do. I usually get some benefit from whatever fields I listen to.