Is this forum the Morphic Field itself?

Think about it, there is quite a lot of information and kind of ‘‘direction’’ in here
In a sense We, as a members are doing the ‘‘growth’’ part
the moderators are like the self-rejuvenation part of a field, as well as organization.
Are we developing a Collective ‘‘Sapien Consciousness?’’
is this Forum kind of Meta-Easter Egg? a Morphic Field made highly from the information about other Morphic fields?
Well, I can say for sure that it has it part in shaping ‘‘Morphing’’? my general life experience as well as myself.
And Im pretty sure it would also be true for other members.
what You guys think about it? maybe its time for Forum-Morphic Field to become Self-Aware? :slight_smile:


Lol :laughing:


In theory yes :slight_smile:.
Honestly what i notice in youtube comment section is when someone talk about some things like effect of morphic audios, then more and more people start talking about it in some next videos… Is it placebo, or just learning new information or some sort of repetitive energy (morphic fields)? @sammyg Do you understand what i talk about, english is not my native language…


i like this! interesting idea.


The name sapien yes. As we always think how great it is! That’s why we always get that vibe of something when we hear “sapien”

Everything can be morphic if we give it enough energy to it. It’s been explained in sapien article. And how religion use symbols as something and then they praying to that over and over the item itself is already becoming a living active field (:


The street lights just pinged on outside as I was reading this. External Metaphor. I love this thinking of yours sir.


I also think I feel specific energetic output from this forum, as well as specific concept, but I don’t trust my psychic perception fully yet, so I didnt want to share this so I wont confuse anyone :grin::grin::grin:


this forum is addictive in a good way, and since I like to read :ok_hand: it comes in handy

I went from being on instagram to being on enlightenedstates




I felt really inspired, touched even by my higher self to write this post in this old thread.
I genuinely believe that this forum is something more than “just” a morphic field, yet it kind of functions as a morphic field.

A “spiritual growth” and “connectedness” field, which works from inside of all of us.
I feel really blessed because I had a privilege of encountering all of you, through the seemingly soulless thing that is the internet. I got to connect with so many wonderful beings. It is like a meeting stop on our spiritual path, a shelter in the middle of nowhere where we can exchange our experiences and perspectives and where we can support each other.

I am not really good with words, so this post might be a little weird, but I wanted to tell you all that I truly, geninuely appreciate all of you. “Meeting” all of you through the internet is a true blessing. I was pretty focused on a spiritual path in my youth, but after years of not being able to connect with others with similar mindset, I felt pretty alone and isolated. It turned me into a kind of “hermit” and loner for some time, and made me feel really, really alone. In time, it enforced my ego and made it feel like I’m really alone in this world.

I felt like a soul trapped in the material world, surrounded by a completely different beings.
But, every single one of you made me feel like I’m not alone anymore, like there are other beings who experience similar challenges, trials, and doubts. Like there are other “Me’s” out there.
You made me feel connected again. You made me feel like a part of something bigger, like a part of “all” again.

I believe that this forum is a great privilege for all of us, and it has a potential to, and probably will change the future of humanity.

We have so much opportunities to learn from each other and grow here. It is mind-boggling truly. 50 years ago, we would not be able to exchange our perspectives and experiences. Many of us would be sentenced to this specific kind of loneliness that is connected to a spiritual path. Yet here we are, going towards our own goals, yet together in our struggle.

It is really wonderful feeling, which I wanted to share with all of you. This is why the internet was made, to make this connection and learning possible.
I used to be really into Nietzsche’s philosophy, and I still find it amazing. I really liked the concepts of will to power and amor fati.

I thought power was either against or over others. Now I feel more powerful than I have ever felt, but not because I have power over or against something or someone, but because I feel “together” with all of you. Because I am powerful enough to express my gratitude, love, and thoughts without my ego, shame, and traumas standing in my way. ,I am truly free, powerful, connected, and blissful.
I generally avoid tagging people, but now I just have to do it.

@Dreamweaver and @SammyG

I am really grateful to the universe that both of you exist and I got to encounter you.
I remember reading that you really liked knights and saw them as a role models. I had a similiar experience and still really like knights. Yet you have became knights and so much more to many of us. Your existences have an impact which is way beyond morphic fields, without taking anything form fields of course.

By interacting with you, we get to learn and grow at paces which were not attainable to many for a long time in the past. Because of you, we got to “meet” each other on this forum and learn from each other.
I am grateful to you and everyone reading this, even the “bad apples”
Everyone here makes learning and growth more possible and attainable for each other. Really wonderful time to be alive, incarnated as a human being.

For years, I believed that expressing some emotions is a weakness, but now, being as powerful as I never was, I want to tell everyone that I love, appreciate, and am grateful for all of you.
We give each other the greatest gift possible, a gift of learning and growth, and it is thanks to Dream and Sammy.

I have made a lot of mistakes, and most likely will make many more. But right now, in this moment of total freedom, love and power, I wanted to thank everyone for the fact you exist. Your existence makes learning and growth possible for me.
Thank you :pray: :pray: :pray:


Thank you too!!

That was beautiful :heart:


No wonder I feel comfort, safety, security and bliss when I am browsing the forum…


I for sure have to disagree, lol. Beautiful! :slight_smile:
TY rose 2


The forum is a portal to “place” where we exchange and entangle our thoughts, goals, successes, failures, complaints, etc. — 24 hour coffee shop/cafe/bar where. Every such place and most any place has and in some sense “is” a Morphic Field. Go to a church, a cemetery, and an amusement park; you can’t help but feel the differences.

I think of the products of Sapien Medicine as Highly Structured Morphic Fields t(“HSFM”) that use the more latent/natural Morphic fields and energy systems (out of my depth on this part) to achieve very specific results.

So to my mind the forum is/has a Morphic field in the Sheldrakean sense of the word, but in the Sapien sense of it.