JAAJ's Mystical Journal

I feel you
In every stone
In every leaf of every tree
That you ever might have grown

I feel you
In every thing
In every river that might flow
In every seed you might have sown

I feel you

I feel you
In every vein
In every beatin’ of my heart
Each breath I take

I feel you, anyway
In every tear that I might shed
In every word I’ve never said

I feel you

I feel you
In every vein
In every beatin’ of my heart
In every breath I’ll ever take

I feel you, anyway
In every tear that I might shed
In every word I’ve never said

I feel you

I feel you

“Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason.”
– Glimmering Shrine, Diablo 1


Chapter 6 of 20: The Final Incarnation


अ’ सतो मा स’ द्गमय
त’ मसो मा ज्यो’ तिर्गमय
मृत्यो’ र्मामृतं गमये’ ति॥
विद्यां चाविद्यां च यस्तद्वेदोभयँ सह
अविद्यया मृत्युं तीर्त्वा विद्ययाऽमृतमश्नुते
यस्मिन् द्यौ पृथिवी चान्तरिक्षमोतं
मनः सह प्राणैश्च सर्वै
तमेवैकं जानथ आत्मानमन्या वाचो
विमुञ्चथामृतस्यैष सेतु
इन्द्रियेभ्य परं मनो मनस सत्त्वमुत्तमम्
सत्त्वादधि महानात्मा महतोऽव्यक्तमुत्तमम्
यदा पञ्चावतिष्ठन्ते ज्ञानानि मनसा सह
बुद्धिश्च न विचेष्टते तामाहु परमां गतिम्
य यायाय यदा यदाया या
य यायाय यदा यदा यदा
यदा यदा यदा यदा यदा
भिद्यते हृदयग्रन्थिश्छिद्यन्ते सर्वसंशयाः
क्षीयन्ते चास्य कर्माणि तस्मिन् दृष्टे परावरे



„Man fears time. But time fears the pyramids.“
– Arab proverb

8 sides



Earth pyramids and Orion

Earth and Mars pyramids and Orion

Earth = 4 rays/star arms
Orion Empire = 8 rays/star arms

NATO: 4 & 8

UN: Earth & 4 & 8

WHO: Earth & 4 & 8 & Snake

NASA: Orion constellation at the top

Umbrella Corporation: 4 & 8

BIS (the central bank of all central banks): 4 & 8

OECD: Earth and 4 armed star halfed and mirrored

IMF: Double Earth = 4+4

ICRC: 4 rays, 8 outer corners

World Bank: Earth divided into 8 vertical and 4 horizontal sections

ICC: Earth divided into 8 vertical and 4 horizontal sections

CIA: 4 & 8

World Economic Forum: the 3 pyramids connected by a line

Original star and crescent symbol that became the modern symbol for Islam: 8 armed star

Christian (and most other) crosses: 4 arms, 8 outer corners

Swastika: 4 main arms, 8 equal lines

Hinduism, Wheel of Dharma: 4 & 8

Star of Ishtar: 4 & 8


Greek for fire; heat; :fire:

From [Middle English] [Orioun], from [Latin] [Ōrīōn], from [Ancient Greek] [Ὠρίων] (Ōríōn), speculatively from [Akkadian] Uru-anna, “heaven’s light” :fire:


Не забывай
Помни меня
Ты не один
Навсегда вдвоём

Не забывай
Пламя огня :fire:
Где мы с тобой
Греем себя

Я улечу в себе
Я улечу к тебе…

На небо за звездой
Тихий полёт
Это легко…

На небо за звездой
Тихий полёт
Это легко…

Не забывай
Сердце моё
Песни мои
Навсегда с тобой

Не забывай
Ночи без сна
Где мы с тобой
Я не одна

Я улечу в себе…
Я улечу к тебе…

На небо за звездой…
Тихий полёт…
Это легко…

На небо за звездой…
Тихий полёт…
Это легко…

Не забывай…


"But touch my tears with your lips.
Touch my world with your fingertips.
And we can have forever."



“Mercury (which is also one of the seven planetary metals) can mean both the element and the planet. In either case, this alchemy symbol represents the mind, as well as a state that could transcend death. In ancient times, mercury was known as quicksilver, and it was believed to be able to shift between liquid and solid states. Therefore, in alchemy, mercury was believed to shift between life and death.”




Very often, the matrix game uses the desire to “save everyone” to trick souls into re-incarnation.

Then many souls incarnate more often than they initially wanted when they started the game.

During additional incarnations they make new additional friends.

Then they want to save those too…

And then, as per default case, the whole incarnational journey takes usually longer than initially anticipated at the beginning.

I guess this is all part of the lessons that a souls learns here.

It is like with addictive substances, one is curious to try them once, but does not want to become addicted or thinks one is “too strong to become influenced by it”.

Physical incarnation is an addiction for many and the “savior syndrome” is real.


The way out of the incarnation cycle is the same as gaining total emotional mastery over oneself, like one would do when overcoming any other addictive thing.



Removal of limits, obstacles and road blocks is the biggest scaler that most souls can experience and do to get ahead in life.

Not blindly pushing and running forward, but first removing the chains from your legs and mind, so that pushing and running forward becomes almost like flying while being lifted by the wind.

Key fields:

  • Karma Crucible NFT
  • Subconscious Limits (Removal) Ver 2.0
  • Ego Dissolution or Vibration of Transcendence
  • Trauma Healing fields (→ Self Love Stack)
  • Unworthiness Healing fields (→ Self Love Stack)
  • Excalibur / Spear of Destiny / The Sword of Destiny NFT
  • Point of No Return
  • Conceptual Realizations / Conglomerate (→ Shadow Work)

More (math) on this topic:

Chaos Star: 4 & 8

Chaos (entropy) is the way further into the illusions of the Empire.

Liberation happens when dispersion is transformed into a focussed ray of limitlessness.

The Lightning Sorceress is always free.


Free Will is everything.

The Final Incarnation is a proactive decision which you make as a proof to yourself that you have developed enough real free will and are able to make such a decision.

You know you are ready when you proactively can make this decision.

“Wherever you go, there you are.”
– Holy Shrine, Diablo 1

“The way is made clear when viewed from above.”
– Secluded Shrine, Diablo 1


Transmuting lead into gold in a single post, especially with that Love, Gratitude and Appreciation drop at the end, really good stuff.


“Light” and “Dark”, two sides of the same coin of the Orion Empire control system. Divide and conquer. Divide et impera.

Orion Empire = 8 rays/star arms
Orion Empire on Earth = 4 rays/star arms

Sith & Jedi – controlled oppositions:

Sith: Palpatine’s Throne: 4 & 8

Jedi: High Council Chamber: 4 & 8

Jedi hologram display: 4 & 8

They are everywhere, but people look for the wrong symbols.

People look for corporate logos or masonic symbols etc.

Those are all low level stuff.

They are tiny parts of a much bigger picture.

Corporations and “secret societies” mean nothing.

People are blind to the symbols of the bigger picture because they are so focussed on “exposing” the conspiracy at a small insignificant level.

This is like looking for the truth about the ocean while only studying the beach.

While truly, everything is straight in your face at the very top level with the most famous religous icons, symbols, star constellations and world organisation logos.

British Empire: 4 & 8


"One step closer.
One step closer."



Chapter 7 of 20: Arcane Sanctuary


"Did you ever think of me
As your best friend"


“Safe haven for those who seek peace, welcome.”

Vandora, Goddess of Lightning

„And Vandora came forth with fire from the Sky upon her lips and sanctified the sacred fountain with her kiss. “Thus”, she said, “he who follows me shall cast off the bonds of flesh and become as elusive as the mist.”


The Torch of Tranquility

“The Way is filled with darkness. The Torch of Tranquility must light the path of the worthy. Spiritual progression is achieved by those who set the Torch of Tranquility aflame.”



At one point in my life I had over 1500 books in my personal home library.
All of these books are/were on specialized topics.
No novels, fiction, literature or similar.

Since I am learning from the internet and using fields, there is almost never anything left to learn from books, so these days my personal library is down to just 300 books. I only keep the most wise ones and those few that I still intend to read.

“Knowledge and wisdom at the cost of self.” – Eerie Shrine, Diablo 1



Sapien Medicine fields are forever.

Once listened, my Subconscious Mind knows the connection and I can access them later in the afterlife as well.

Listening to all the existing fields gives you more tools in the afterlife.


The Witch of the East knows all the connections…


Chapter 8 of 20: The Sunless Sea




Ignorance and Arrogance are two sides of the same coin.

They both make you blind to what you need to do and to heal to actually go ahead.
They are both tools of a misguided ego system.

Most people are ignorant about their level of arrogance.
And too arrogant to admit their level of ignorance.

At the Sunless Sea…


…Artemisia takes no prisoners.

“Crimson and Azure become as the Sun.”
– Eldritch Shrine, Diablo 1


Astrologically, 5 of my planets, including sun and moon, are of the water element. So empathy and emotions are high with me. I am also a certified rescue swimmer, lol.

Sometimes I wonder, whether I came here to learn even more empathy?
Or distill that empathy into compassion?
Or to learn to be indifferent?
Or to discern with whom I share those things?
Or all of these?

Empathy and compassion for the innocent and beloved ones?
Indifference to those who oppose ascension and progress at speed-running levels?

The Sunless Sea is endless.
It only has one coast.

Once you leave this coast, you can journey on forever.
Further and further into the dark unknown.
There is no end to the water.
There is no end to the depth.

But somewhere in this sea…
…there is a secret temple.


The Spiritual Power of Compassion

Advanced spiritual concept.
Human ego triggering content!
Do not read if you still identify as a human or a particular gender.

For this example and explanation, we have to temporarily assume that souls are not manifesting their own personal reality bubbles and experiences, but instead are part of an "objective world“ – basically, the illusion which most humans alive today, actually believe.

Have you ever heard someone (mostly clueless dating coaches or feminists) say:

“It is the woman who chooses the man.”
“The woman picks with whom she wants to procreate with.”

However, these assumptions stem from a cognitive dissonance where the people making these assumptions incorrectly assume that this physical world is not ruled by physical force and violence.

In the human society, all the freedoms and choices that women ever had and have today, are only there for them because the physically stronger men have given these to them.

Since with humans, men are the biologically stronger gender and better suited for warfare etc., they could, if they would have no compassion (!), simply keep the whole female population imprisoned as a slave race for sex and reproduction and take everything they need from them by brute force.

Now, of course, from a spiritual point of view, this is not fair.
That’s simply biology.

Luckily however, human males have also genetically installed components of compassion and caring features for all of their fellow human beings, regardless of gender.

Because of this basic level of compassion, most men choose to actually care for women’s feelings, experiences and well being.

This compassion is not something that universally exists in the physical realm. And it is not needed for the survival and progress of the species from a pure biological point of view, as everything could be done by force.

And again, this is not about the gender, but simply about the side that, through evolution, became the physically stronger side.

There are many examples in the animal kingdom where the female is stronger and takes from the male what she wants by force.

This element of base compassion is not just “a given”. But something very special and rare.

In the animal kingdom the stronger gender always leads by force.

Let’s take for example, the „lovely cute and playful“ dolphins:

Male dolphins mass rape their fellow female dolphins on a regular basis. And this despite being all that cheerful and playful and “highly evolved” animals.

So why is there a compassion component included in the homo sapiens biology?

It did not emerged as a result of physical evolution.

It was placed there, on purpose, by higher spiritual forces.
As a special game feature.

Compassion is a higher spiritual force.

It is not required to survive and sustain a species in a physical world.

But it is one of the components that was brought into the physical by game design and that REVOLUTIONIZES the physical plane.

This Force of Compassion is shown in the third Matrix movie as the force ending the war between the humans and the machines. That‘s why this movie is called Matrix Revolutions.

Where a lower system is being revolutionized by an external higher force.

We as souls incarnate into the physical because here in the physical it is a real full-blown challenge TO CHOOSE, with your own free will, to solve a situation through compassion instead of through force and violence (or backstabbing if you are physically weaker).

The challenge is to solve a problem through compassion while being offered the easier choice of violence upfront.
This is where the growth happens.

Winning through compassion is the advanced challenge of the game.
Winning through force or backstabbing is low level noob game.