Karma-COACH System - A Touch of The Gods

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It is believed that karma is supposedly your destiny, which directly depends on what and how many good/bad deeds you have done. In fact, the concept of “karma” has been interpreted in a fundamentally wrong way. But we will omit this point for now, we are more important than anything else. In our current reality, the criteria of karma are very distorted. Social rules, political and religious propaganda, and the collective unconscious dictate to us from an early age their point of view on what is good and what is bad.

In this way one develops an inadequate view of the real world, and the first problem is that this inadequate perception of reality dictates erroneous behavior that makes one end up as another miserable creature trapped in a framework of conditioning.

The second problem is that you yourself accumulate bad karma in your subconscious mind, which in reality may not be such. But you believe in it, and thus program yourself to pay back in the future for this bad personal karma in the form of illnesses, accidents and just an unhappy life.

The karma coaching field will set things straight in your head. You will begin to see things in their true light, and more clearly understand what is best for you, without resorting to the opinion of authorities and society. You will stop subconsciously programming punishments for yourself, and quite possibly change your destiny in the future to something better than what it is programmed by you now.



Damn, you got great ideas!


Thank you :pray:

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feeling crazy tingling sensation in my left brain hemisphere, fingers crossed, excited to see the new chapters unfold.


2 week update:

I would like to say that my thought process has changed drastically, there is different type of silence in my mind, I have also began understanding/ identifying negative patterns and taking action on them.


Great update




does that mean with this field
I will able to judge between what is truly right and what is truly wrong
i will have the correct moral standards
i won’t blame my self and others when me and them actually did nothing wrong


It’s not like it’s all black and white. You’ll see the real nature of things, without the perception of the rest of the people. And then that will lead to not accumulating bad energy and negativity from others and yourself of course.


This is what I am definitely getting next. Sometimes when I am not in a detached state my subconscious gets to me and all karma memory stuff begins to resurface and spoil my life again. So this, most certainly I am getting.

On impulse, got your Freedom on the Patreon store (and it’s not anywhere else) and the feeling I am having is literally amazing! Dissolves a lot of crazy stuff inside.

Also, do you plan to add other Gumroad items to Patreon? Wanted to get both Chakra fields but you only have Root there.

Thank you for the great work!


Definitely try this out, it’s worth it, equillibrium is very underrated, his fields always have unique approach and is bang for the buck.

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You meant ATOG?) I pity the day I stopped tracking new releases from him (her?) because the Heart Wall Breaker is MASSIVE. From now on will do definitely.

Also what I absolutely love is the affinity w Norse gods. I am personally tattooed in runescripts :slight_smile: so I will be eventually getting the full pack, from Huginn and Muninn to OdinForce. Freya is a blast, true Divine Feminine presence, other Gods are so amazingly “ported” to this reality its just WOW!


I’ll add them slowly during the weekend, so they will there soon

Thanks to you too :pray: