Low vibration Goals?

when it comes to manifestation,

do you think there are low vibration goals and high vibration goals?

what happens when one tries to manifest a goal coming from low vibration and becomes stuck?

sometimes i feel that i want something but once i elevate my mood i realize that i don’t care about it, even when i’m 100% about to get it, i just forget about it.

but then when i’m in low vibration i want it again.

how do you deal with these paradoxes?


I feel you, this happens to me a lot.

There are many answers to this:

  1. I just simply keep “chasing” whether I feel like it or not. Then it always results in me being glad that I did.

  2. I introspect on why I want X and try to achieve the end goal in a “high vibrational” way.

  3. When I keep working on high vibrational goals the low vibrational ones go away. If they don’t, then I indulge and transcend.


Just be/live in High Vibrations/Energy Always or as much as possible and you’ll know your answers. :grinning:

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IMO low vibration goals = goals you dont really want to achieve, but you think you want because of ego, jelaousy, social conditioning, traumas etc.


In terms of manifestation, at least the way I understand things. High vibration and low vibration isn’t a great way to describe goals. Goals are goals.

Vibration is a scale you use to grade natural phenomena from matter/low vibration to spirit/ high vibration. Matter though dense, isn’t any more negative because it vibrates lower, right? (Seperate topic negative and positive is also just a scale but also used to describe good or bad things).
I think it’s used interchangeably but conflates the two meanings. People can be very “low vibe” (tamasic) and be excellent at manifesting because we’re manifesting all the time whether we realise it or not.
Though to manifest more altruistic goals, for you to be interested in such endeavours to begin with you’d have to be more high vibe and I think that’s the intention of the field?
When your goals change it’s just your mind changing its desires and that gives you mixed results. There’s a good little book that outlines a manifesting process which clarifies your true desires. I’ll see if I can upload it.

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Amazon also sells it. It Works

I like the NLP concept of Toward or Away:

You want more money because you want to go away from being poor? Then you have the vibration of poverty in it. That’s low vibration.

You want more money because you want to enjoy your life even more and you already appreciate the money you have in your life? That’s high vibration.

You want a nice car to impress other people = low vibration. You want a nice car because you love cars = high vibration.

You want many women to heal your broken heart and ego and to be more confident = low vibration. You want many women because you love and appreciate women and give them all the love thats inside you = high vibration.

From the outside these goals are identical. But the intention can be totally different.

What helped me a lot with that Abundance Mindset and High Vibrations and understanding vibrations in general are the Abraham-Hicks videos on youtube and also the book of Esther and Jerry Hicks (Law of Attraction). This book is the secret behind the famous film “The Secret”.