Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍

Lol u know what i love about this, how its like 2 am for me am stressed about my work.

Then ding
A message in the general discord thread, from @Divine_Lotus saying anyone wanna start the mass mediation.

Then another person will join us. and u see the unlisted youtube video go up in views.
and peace, its like a small group of 4 of us mediating at 2 in the morning. While i light my candle

Am going to miss that, when i go back to school in 2 days. RIP

This is so amazing, it gives me energy while calming me, Like how is that even possible???


Hey guys,

Newbie article for our friends who would like to know more about what are those mass meditation or morphic fields now in Spanish: Meditación Masiva y Campos Mórficos (para principiantes) 🇪🇸

And of course, also available in English and French, if you’ve missed it.

Thanks for the translation @Jay :pray:


A reminder for those may be inspired to join us this weekend :hugs:

If you’d like to join our Discord to share you experiences with like-minded people and hop on spontaneous synchro meditations during weekdays, please DM me or @Divine_Lotus for the invite :slight_smile:


New url to bookmark guys:

(updated in all the threads and on Discord)


Not working again though :sweat_smile:

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See if you can catch the Vimeo when it goes live again


For those who want a temporary substitute for the Mass Meditation stream and a long-listening field try this. There are others in the Sapient channel as well


For sure Captain is working on a solution :mechanical_arm:

See you on the Vimeo link in the meantime, or through the Blessed Path and/or Divinely Incarnated :pray:


New url guys: Mass Meditations - YouTube

Captain did some small changes, hopefully this time it will last.

Updated in all the links as well. Make sure to bookmark :slight_smile:


Just the mandala’s effect will be limited if you are not a patreon subscriber ($1)

Though the main field remains the same, whether you are a subscriber or not :slight_smile:


Little announcement:

Please check your timezone here: Mass Meditation 2.0 Schedule :earth_africa: - #23 by Borisju


A reminder that the first synchro meditation of the weekend is happening in one hour :)


Intro updated for ease of undertanding and to make things simpler:

(Connect to some of you in 6 hours :hugs::heart:)

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Can I have this play this for my family (and their friends with them) (who do not have subscription, and I am not at the point where I can tell them about this), and would it work? Or using the mandala? I might even create 1$ subscriptions for them… Though not sure how that might work?

I’ll say it here so it can become true: Looking forward to getting The Blessed Path :)

Thank you!


If you mean playing the audio field, yep as it doesn’t apply to Patreon.
Though always better to ask people, but if you can’t, either way their subconscious will block most of it.

Fields work for our closed family. Not for friends though


Thank you!
Yesterday I’ve played this for a couple of hours in my room and I’ve noticed my home being silent. They didn’t even mind the sound after going to sleep, even though it was audible.
I’ve also noticed them being affected while playing the field for clearing negative energy (one of them started coughing), or other such fields.
It’s like they all start to behave and calm down.

One thing is, if I do tell them what it is (which they would inquire about, which might bring about fear, which would break their whole reality and belief system), I actually suspect their subconscious might fight it off more.
I’m starting to think letting them see results in me, and in the house, for themselves, getting to the questions and answers naturally, could be a better idea in their case…? It’s like in The Matrix, if you push the truth upon someone who is not ready… it might have the opposite of the desired effect. Sure, a crisis is likely and can be very much necessary, but seems like a readiness to jump might be a better option than being pushed off the cliff.
I’ve pondered upon this a lot…
I still think the priority is me, and my soul, and in time, I will have more clarity and everything should settle into place… I don’t push fields upon anyone (yet), but I can’t deny the fact that whatever influences they are under will do their best to not allow them to accept help.
On the other hand, I have much less ‘intellectual’ family members who would readily admit they don’t know it all, and that they do need help, and that these things are very possible.

Edit: Although. In some cases it seems like they might accept it if I don’t tell them what it is, and just say ‘Just leave this playing’. They’ve figured as much that I’m on to something, and as long as they don’t ask, and I don’t tell them, they’ll play along.

Psychology. Psychology all over the place


Meditation has started.


Mass meditation 6 minutes :heart_eyes:


With a special focus for Indonesia today :indonesia:


What happened?

The live stream says it’s not available-