Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍

This field is incredibly powerful and uplifting!!
Enjoy and use the mandala mainly :pray:t5:


I wasn’t gonna ask this since it is dumb and not how Dream usually works. But there it goes nonetheless lol

I’ve seen many groups do intentions (as a verbal statement) instead of meditation, or linked to it. I don’t know if we could do that to boost and keep the field more alive?

Though since it does many things, I don’t know what a statement we could use. Could be several too, for the different purposes. It could be like a one minute booster.

Besides intentions, I ask the same about spells, radionics, etc. Could they be used to “nourish” the field?

P.S: Another noob question. Is there a preferred place to watch this from? I’m excited for this (around half an hour to go here), and I think youtube servers would be faster and don’t want the stream to hang while I’m trying to focus xD


Hey man,

Far from dumb, and indeed part of the script :slight_smile:

Check this out :arrow_down:

But having your own positive intent indeed add another boost.

Please feel free to experiment :slight_smile:


You made me think of a point we just discussed in the Discord group.

This is not needed to meditate on the field during scheduled meditation guys.

This was a request above to make it as potent asynchronous, as it is synchronous.

Just connect to it whenever you want guys, add if you wish an intent to connect all of users and have maximum impact. And… have fun :raised_hands:

Of course though, doing it together adds some fun and this aligns more with our belief system :slight_smile:


Man how did I miss it? Sorry I got a bit too excited reading this…I was a bit sad that the old meditation was gone.

Thanks for answering ^^


Enjoy man :grin:

And thanks for being part of the crew :muscle:


The Youtube link is temporarily unavailable.

In the meantime, feel free to use the field on Vimeo guys: Vimeo
And/or use the Mandala from Patreon: Patreon

Remember it works well due to this:

Apologies for the inconvenience :slight_smile:


New link everyone: Mass Meditations - YouTube

Enjoy :hugs:


Here is the updated official times for synchro meditations after a final re-vote:

Pacific Time (GMT-8) :earth_americas:

  • Saturday & Sunday Synchronized Meditations: 8am local time

Europe & Africa (GMT +2) :earth_africa:

  • Saturday & Sunday Synchronized Meditations: 7pm local time

Indochina (GMT +7) :earth_asia:

  • Saturday & Sunday Synchronized Meditations: 8am local time

Please mark your agendas :person_in_lotus_position:

And remember, meditating together only adds fun and a bit of power. As:

Whenever you meditate upon it, there is an impact.

Thank you to everyone participating so far. You rock :pray:


@anon32464289, is wearing/keeping the mandala on the phone same as listening to the meditation field(s)?

Is this good?
That way I can listen to other fields that I need And also being connected to Mass Meditation?

Thank you! :pray:


Of course man :slight_smile:

A focused intent, will bring more power.
But having it as a screensaver will allow you to connect now and then, and to remain connected.


@everyone we are looking to build a small & focused group of inspired individuals to take this endeavor to the next level: marketing & communication, community management, partnerships, etc.

This would be kept simple for now, with a private channel on Discord, a private chat on the forum with Sammy & Dream and a few collaborative tools if needed.

So far, this is @Divine_Lotus, @Dyslexic_Professor and me.

If you wish to participate, could you DM me?

Ps: I would love some help to translate this article in Spanish :pray:Mass Meditations and Morphic Fields (for beginners) 🇬🇧


Hello, is there a desired length of how long we should stay in synchro meditation, say 30 minutes? Is it ok to leave freely after starting at the set time?


There is no time limit, but if you so choose you can set a goal for yourself as a start.

If you’re relatively new or ‘rusty’, start with 5 to 10 mins

If you have a better grasp of experience in meditating, go for 20 to 30 mins and so forth.

Feel free to have it however long you want and synchro-join the stream for best effects and more immersion whenever you can, and don’t worry about missing the schedule. You can go with the flow of things based on how you feel guided to and join anytime later on. Every moment counts in contributing to the collective pool.

There is no ‘absolute, perfect, #1’ way to ‘meditate.’ You can meditate while walking, washing dishes, showering, even eating, standing, and/or casually sitting. You do what you feel is most effective for you to get results. If you’re not sure where to start, here is a guide by Dale Power

The point is to allow yourself to be in a state of “being” to fully integrate the field(s) and even more effectively through visualization and intent.

If you or anyone has trouble focusing on the meditation, you can listen to brain fields such as Attention and Focus which is included here in the Mass Meditation Toolbox with other commonly suggested / related fields to use before and after the stream / session.


Wow, thank you so much for such a thorough guidance! :blush: :pray: I’m not new to meditation, but it’s a perfect introduction for those who join. I’ll go with the flow and enjoy the experience :sparkles:


Thank you for sharing that gem, wow.


Dear friends,

So this endeavor grows organically, I’ve invested some of my time this week to write a series of article for our friends and family that may be interested to join us, or to learn more about morphic fields:

Any feedback is more than welcome.

I am also looking for anyone than would be willing to translate it in Spanish for us.
(count 1-2h with DeepL then adapting it to your style).

Aside from that, if you want to join a bunch of people with the same goal in mind to have a positive impact on our planet. Please ask an invite to @Divine_Lotus or I to our Discord group.

Be reminded that you can meditate anytime on the field, with the same level of impact, as there is an asynchronous aspect to it :sparkles:

We also have a schedule for weekend synchro meditation here: Mass Meditation 2.0 Schedule 🌍

Any testimonials is more than welcome as well here: Mass Meditations 2.0 Testimonials 🌍


Hi boris, you still need someone to translate it into Spanish?, I think I can do it.

By the way, what you do with those welcome posts for meditation is fantastic. Sometimes I’ve wanted to tell some people about mass meditation, but I wouldn’t know how to explain the whole background of the morphic fields.


Thanks man.

Sending you a DM :slight_smile:


This is powerful, wow. It feels like im putting out good vibes and maybe receiving positive karma back, or something like that. Pretty much every other field is focused around me as an individual mainly, but this isn’t and seems to have one of the strongest effects on me anyway. Very addicting feeling, I dont want to stop.